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Unable to do vxdiskunsetup after destroying cvm DG

Created: 22 Jun 2013 | 6 comments
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Hi Guys,

  I am guys I am getting error while I try vxdiskunsetup after destroying CVM diskgroup and removing vcs SG.

  1. I had tried to clear the keys as well, but did not work that too.

  2. Disk is unprotected from SAN end.

  3. Not able to write label and perform dd as well.

 VxVM vxdisk ERROR V-5-1-531 Device "disk": destroy failed:
        Disk write failure
VxVM vxdiskunsetup ERROR V-5-2-5052 "disk": Disk destroy failed.

  Any urgent help would be appreciated so much.


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did the clearing of fencing keys work successfully? can you confirm vxfenadm -s (or -g) <disk_path> does not list any fence keys on this now?

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Yeah there are no keys anymore. I cleared all the keys.

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ok..have you tried 'vxdiskunsetup -C' option already?

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it seems the problem could be at the array level -since dd is also failing (without any fencing keys on the disk). Is this disk write enabled? Do you see any relevant messages in /var/adm/messages while trying to dd ?

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No there are no errors as such. Disks seems to unprotected as seen in inq.