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Unable to enable VSS option for an Existing DLO Profile...

Created: 27 Jun 2012 | 13 comments
prasad.ganta's picture

Hi All,

We have migrated DLO 2010 R3 to DLO7 successfully but when trying to enable VSS option to an existin profile, it is asking me to select atlease one backup selection to enable the VSS option. We are only using PST backup's and selecting them at agent side only because each user is having PST in different drives like E: or D: and soon.

Now to enable the VSS option can I do it at the agent side also...? Any configurations to be made to overcome the above issue...?

Thanks in Advance...

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Backup options such as VSS for PST files can be chosen only from the profile in the console.

However, backup selections can be modified from the DLO agent. If users have PST files saved in different location then each one can modify their backup selection folder from the DLO Agent.

 In Admin console go to the corresponding Profile > User setting > Check Modify profile backup selections.

Now, a user will be able to customize the backup selection from the agent by doing the following.

In DLO Agent the user must go to Backup Selections > Advanced View (Bottom right hand corner) > Double click the selection > Use Custom Options (Bottom of the screen) > Edit the selection

Users can edit or customize the selection. They can also delete the selection whenever they choose to. Doing this will reset and apply the backup selection as defined in the profile.

prasad.ganta's picture


Thanks for the response...

I am enabling the VSS option under profile from the console only. But my concern here is when I try to enable the VSS option and save the profile, it is saying "Please select atleast on backup selection". We have not selected any backup's at the profile.Any selections (Only PST here) are eing made only at agent console. So If I want to enable the VSS option with out any backup selection at my existing profile, how can I do that...?

Thanks in Advance...

SSwami's picture

The options are set for the folders/backup selections selected. Hence we need atleast one backup selection done for the options to apply. These VSS options are also available for Global instead of at profile level. As a workaround, you can define a profile with a custom backup selection like A:\test and save the profile. At the global options, enable the VSS. Apply this profile to the client and he can add more selections to this profile. He should be able to do a PST backup with VSS. Let me know if this works for you.

prasad.ganta's picture

Hi Swami,

The option specified is working but I could see the backup job status as failed becuase couold not find the source as said A:\Test. 

But can I use the same option for an existing profile by selecting a path which does not exist on the local drive of the user...?

Thanks in Advance...

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Yes. You should be able to modify an existing profile by selecting a different backup selection.

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Created a profile as said above but the incremental backup is not happening. Today when the backup started as per the schedule, it backed the entire PST selected again to NUDF folder. Why this is happening...? Incremental backup selected by default..

Thanks in Advance..

SSwami's picture

Did you select "Enable Message Level incremental backups of Outlook PST files" in the global options?

prasad.ganta's picture


Yes the option is selected for Mssage level incremental backup in the global options...

Thanks in Advance..

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For VSS based PST backup to have incremental, we should enable "Delta" feature. For this, edit the profile under User Settings tab to enabel "Change Backup selection Compression settings".

On the agent, click on "Backup Selections" and select "Advanced view". Select the folder which has the PST, and click on Modify. In the modify dialog, select the "Options" tab and enable "Delta file transer"

prasad.ganta's picture


Will select the above options and then post the update....

Also when I am trying to upgrade the existing agent, the agent is getting disabled and showing that there is some configuration changes made by the administrator and administrator has been notified eventhough the agent is online. Attaching the error...

Thanks in Advance...

DLO agent upgrade error.JPG
prasad.ganta's picture


Even Delta Transfer option is selected to the .PST file, incremental backup is not hapenning. Everytime full backup is running....

Thanks in Advance....

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Could you provide us the following details that can help us in resolving this issue;

1. A screen shot of the restore tab in Agent, showing all revisions and the sizes of the PST file being backed up.

2. If you have access to NUDF, could you provide us the file sizes of the revisions of the same PST file on the NUDF.

Thanks in advance.

Note: Use a PST file of size atleast 50 MB for this observation.

NeerThadarai's picture

Tere is no need to create a custom selection for the PST backup, neither you have to ask the users to select the PST files for the backups.

1. Go to the properties of the existing Profile

2. Check Outlook PST Files, highlight it and go to Modify...

3. Under the General Tab select "Select a pre-defined folder". and from the drop down select "All Local Fixed Drives". Keep the Include Subfolders selected.

4. Go to Include/Exclude tab

5. Make sure "Include and exclude only the items listed below" is selected

6. In the Options Tab select Delta File Transfer as this is needed for the VSS enabled PST backups.

After the above profile is delegated on the client it would show that it has selected all the Fixed Drives, however, it would have selection only for the PST files and rest of the files would be excluded.

Also if you don't want the above profile to select all the local fixed drives you can specify *.* as exclude for file folders and that would show eveything is excluded except PST files.

For the incremental backup option in the profile under Options tab -->Mail Options check "Enable VSS backups of Outlook PST after every x minutes.

Also check "Ignore PST files which have not been configured in Outlook" This will ignore the PST files which are not configured in the Outlook

Make sure Enable Message level Incremental backups of Outlook PST files is not selected

Hope this helps.