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Unable to find procedure for SAP Oracle (RMAN) alternate client restore

Created: 01 Oct 2013 | 6 comments

Hi Netbackup Guru's

My media/master server is Symantec 7.5 on Solaris 10. I've recently created new policies for SAP ERP/Oracle 6.1 database backup. This is an online database backup oonfigured using  RMAN with brtools. The backups run succesfully.

However getting documentatin the procedure to conduct an SAP Oracle (RMAN) alternate client restore has proven to be a real headache. I intend to test restores on  a diffent client however I'm unable to proceed because it is not documented in the SAP Admin Guide and I'm unable to find it in Symantec Tech Notes

  1. This procedure  is for non SAP Oracle databases i.e. brtools doesnot apply.
  2. This procedure will not work netbacku SAP RMAN. i.e.

Kindly guide me on where I can find the correct the Symantec  procedure for SAP Oracle (RMAN) alternate client restore

Thanking you

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look for this section in the  Symantec NetBackup™ for SAP Administrator's Guide

Redirecting a restore to a different client (SAP on Oracle databases only)

You have the option to restore an SAP database to a client other than the one that

originally supplied the backup. This process to restore data to a different client

is called a redirected restore.

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Thanks for your prompt response. I had already read the Symantec NetBackup™ for SAP Administrator's Guide. The procedure mentioned this Admin Guide applys only for SAP Oracle BR Backups configured without RMAN (Recovery Manager).  This is exaclty the same procedure  mentioned in this tech note i.e. It  clearly states This procedure will not work for NetBackup for SAP RMAN or NetBackup for SAP MAXDB see image below

My backup is an online SAP Oracle BR Backup configured with RMAN. Kindly advice if there is another procedure for alternate clent restore for this kind of backup



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Use the procedure in NBU for Oracle manual:

See Redirecting a restore to a different client starting on p. 94.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks Marianne,

Will give it a try and revert. I hope it works for SAP Oracle BRtools online backup ( RMAN.)

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Hi Marianne  and  Wr,

I've opted for the procedure suggested by WR i.e. Performing SAP restores using the SAPDBA utility
(SAP on Oracle databases only)
. It seems workable but I'm facing issues.  It seems I may have to restore the control files and the redolog files first before restoring the datafiles.

Anybody with Oracle database experience especially RMAN backup/restore kindly advice.

I've attached the resulting log file for your perusal

Source database is PRD

Alternate database (destination) is PS1

The backup was an online backuof SAP Oracle BR backup with RMAN.

brrestore-PS1.txt 4.39 KB
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  1. I mounted the database and attempted the restore. The datafiles were not restored . See  attached  log file (remfxyjt.txt)
  2. According to Nicolai's earlier post for SAP RMAN backups redologs & control files are not backedup up using RMAN rather via backint.


How does one restore controlfiles and redologs in this situation ?  Would someone who has gone through this be kind enough to share his experiencea and possibly post the syntax on how to restore these files using back int ?



remfxyjt.txt 13.07 KB