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Unable to import SSL certificate PGP Universal Server 3.0

Created: 22 Jan 2012 | 3 comments

Hi! I generated a CSR from my PGP UNIV. SERVER and create a server certificate from digicert. I followed the steps to import the certificate but it fails because it requires the cert to be in pfx format. I then tried to convert the cert to pfx format from but it is looking for the private key, where shall i get the private key? Please help on how to solve this issue.

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You need a PKCS12 certificate file. . The file must end in '.p12' or '.pfx'.

If you go to System, network, Certificates, add certificate, you fill out with Universal details and create a certificate request that you will send to your certificate authority and they will create the appropiate certificate.

What format is the digicert certificatE?}

Did you requested an SSL or S/MIME cert?

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To create private key:
openssl genrsa -out 4096
chmod 400
  • You'll want to generate one private key for each domain or set of services that you're hosting.  You can use a key for multiple CSRs, but just keep in mind that if the key is ever compromised then it risks every service relying upon certificates generated with that key.
  • Keys have no expiration date, and are valid indefinitely unless they get compromised (stolen).

Hope this helps you.