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Unable to increase oravol

Created: 30 Jul 2009 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 3 comments

While trying to increase oravol by 400mb receiving an error like "VxVM vxresize ERROR V-5-1-2331 Cannot resize volume oravol (VXFS file system not mounted)". Veritas used is 4.1, oravol is part of rootdg.

-bash-3.1$ /usr/lib/vxvm/bin/vxresize -b -x -F vxfs -g rootdg oravol +400m

VxVM vxresize ERROR V-5-1-2331 Cannot resize volume oravol (VXFS file system not mounted)

-bash-3.1$ vxassist -g rootdg maxsize
Maximum volume size: 355590144 (173628Mb)
-bash-3.1$ df -k | grep oravol
/dev/vx/dsk/bootdg/oravol 6291456 4472050 1710028 73% /opt/oracle

-bash-3.1$ sudo fstyp /dev/vx/rdsk/rootdg/oravol

Ur suggestions are most appreciated.

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Off top of the head the only reason why vxresize is complaining the fs is not mounted is because df -k shows bootdg rather than rootdg (though bootdg should just be a link to rootdg anyway). If you wanted to drill down/investigate that further would suggest opening a support case.

As a workaround to grow the filesystem, have you tried growing the volume and fs components separately?

ie: grow the volume first:
# vxassist -g rootdg -b maxgrow oravol ## if want to see how much can grow by ... or since you already want to grow 400m:
# vxassist -g rootdg -b growby oravol 400m

once the volume is required size, grow the filesystem with fsadm:
/usr/lib/fs/vxfs/fsadm [-b newsize] [-r rawdev] mount_point

in this case as the fs is already mounted on /opt/oracle:
# fsadm -b <newsize> /opt/oracle
NOTE: newsize = total desired size of  fs in 512-byte blks (sectors) - ie: will be (current size + 400m) in sectors

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thnkx for the suggestion. Incase we use that method is it true that if you increase the volume, the size do not match underlying slice. We could be in trouble in worst case scenario, when you are deciding to boot with slices.


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From the naming/description this is an encapsulated rootdisk (and oravol is non-system volume in rootdg) (just to make sure we're on the same page)

The underlying slice should grow with the volume with 4.1 (for earlier versions there may have been problems / needed patches to ensure this happened, but for 4.1 should be fine). Also, note that if the vxassist doesn't grow the slice, then vxresize wouldn't either as it effectively calls vxassist to grow the volume anyway.

Note that if the 400m you're growing oravol onto isn't contiguous this won't be able to boot from slices either.

If you want to check the slice has grown after you grow the volume, compare sizes/layouts from following outputs to confirm:

# vxprint -htrg rootdg
# vxdisk list <rootdisk>
# vxdisk list <rootmirror> ## if present
# prtvtoc /dev/rdsk/<cXtXdXs2_of_rootdisk>
# prtvtoc /dev/rdsk/<cXtXdXs2_of_rootmirror> ## if present

edit: It may be possible to grow the slice manually if needed; again if the space is not contiguous you still won't be able to mount oravol from slices

Hope that helps.

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