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Unable to install Backup Exec Agent on Windows 2008 R2 server w/Exchange 2013

Created: 06 Aug 2013 | 8 comments


I have a windows 2008 r2 server running Backup Exec 2012, and recently updated it to SP2.  I also have a Windows 2008 R2 server running Exchange 2013, and want to finally start backing it up.  However, when i try to add the E2013 server from within the BE 2012 console, it starts to install the agent on the E2013 server, but then it fails, with the following:

Server name : ARC-FILE2Job name    : ARC-MAIL2 Install 00003Job log     : C:\Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec\Data\BEX_ARC-FILE2_00336.xmlDevice name : 
Job started     : Tuesday, August 06, 2013 10:59:06 PMJob ended       : Tuesday, August 06, 2013 10:59:57 PMFinal error: 0x643 - Fatal error during installation.
Final error category: Other ErrorsCompleted status: Failed
Operating Systems:

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If this was a push-install, try the manual installation as per the TN below:


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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Make sure you are using correct user account to push the agent. Alternate approach would be to perform a local install of REmote Agent on the target server. Following document will help you:

Look for Local(Manual) install section.

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You could try to copy the RAWS64 folder form the Media Server (Program files\backup exec\agents) to the Exchange server and then run the setup.exe or setupaa.cmd to install it locally.

If this fails again, try to locate RAWSINST.htm or bkupinst.htm file on the Exchange server and post it here. This is the install log.

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thanks for the input...the thing is, i can install the agent on the exchange server locally just after the agent is installed and the server rebooted, i need to establish the trust to the exchange server from the media when i go to add the server, it needs to install the agent again from the media server, and it fails with the same error message as there any way to establish a trust with the media server without having the media server wanting to install the agent?

i've attached the backupinst.htm log file from the exchange server if that

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Yes, I have followed the document to establish a trust...The thing is, when you do establish a trust, BE 2012 wants to perform an installation of the agent on the server...There is no way around this...There is no way to bypass the installation when establishing a trust...So in other words, I have already installed the agent on the Exchange server (manually)...However, the fact that BE 2012 wants to re-do the installation via push installation when establishing the trust prevents me from moving any further on this.

Any one have any ideas from the log file as to why this may be happening?


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...if you continue with establishing the trust, does it not detect that an agent exists and exit that part of the trust setup?


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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If the RAWS is already installed on the Exchange server, BE will detect the same and skip the RAWS install part when trying to add the server. It also establishes the trust with that server. If its still failing with a fatal seems there is a firewall in between which prevents the BE server to check if RAWS is already installed.(Hence BE starts the RAWS install again)

Another workaround would be to start the Remote agent utility on the Exchange server. It will automatically publish to the BE server(if the media server name was provided during RAWS local install on the exchange server or BE server name listed in Publishing tab orf the utility). Once published the exchange server will be visible in the servers list,You can right click and select the Establish trust option.