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Unable to install Remote Agent

Created: 06 Aug 2010 | 9 comments


I posted few days ago a problem with a Backup Exec 10 installed on a SBS 2003 with a iomega Rev. We failed to fix it...
So, I uninstalled the Backup Exec 10 and installed a Backup Exec 2010 R2 (evaluation) and the problem with the Rev disappeared. That's a really good point !

I tried to install a remote agent on a TS server and it failed cause there was the remote agent from the Backup Exec 10. I uninstalled the remote agent from the TS server and reboot it. I tried once again to install the remote agent and it still failed with the error message :
"ERROR: Installation failed with error 1603. GetLastError = :0"

Can you help me with this problem ?

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Hi Jerome,
look at this technote, as it describes, what to do.


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I tried the both solutions but the problem is still there.

For the msiexec.exe : I can end the process but it comes back every time I rerun the install.

For the edition of the registry, I don't have any of these keys except the last one. But the key is correct.

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I uninstalled netframework with the tools from the link and tried back and I got the same error.

For the second link, I don't have any C:\Windows\Installer folder or a bkupinst.xsl file.

I've tried another solution : I launched the setup from the RAWS32 directory and it failed too. I also tried with the Setupaa.cmd and nothing happened.

I really don't understand where that come from. Any ideas ? I'm running out of ideas...

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Check in add remove propgram if you have an older version of agent installed or the new version of agent is already installed...

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I've already checked, there's nothing.

I also checked the services and there is no backup exec services at all.

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You post the last few lines of your installation log ?

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What is the OS of the remote server? I have seen this issue before with x64 servers because the push sometimes tries to install te x86.

* log on to remote server
* uninstall all BE parts
* COPY de RAWSX64 folder locally
* run CMD as administrator
* go to RAWSX64 installation folder
* run setupaax64.cmd