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Unable to log call online - 'MySupport Application Error'

Created: 23 Mar 2011 | 8 comments


I keep getting this error each time I have to enter a (valid) support code to validate a support call or other actions on my account.

I see several posts that phone queues are 1-3 hours in length so I'm loathe to waste that much time just to log initial details.  I have several problems that I want to log and resolve, is there another way to post incidents - an email address I can send the details to?   Can I arrange for someone to call me back?


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What is the error? What browser are you using? Did you try a different browser?

If you still cannot access the MySupport page, I suggest calling Customer Care -

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I suggest you to contact Customer Care at 1-800-721-3934 option 2 so they can give you valid support codes and connect you directly to technical support.

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I did call in 3 of my problems including the inability to access the MySupport pages.   I was told someone would contact me with a resolution but have heard nothing back.    The case ID for the MySupport problem is 414223909.   I have just tried MySupport again and am still getting the same problem:

"MySupport Application Error

The MySupport application has encountered a program error. You can either try again or contact  Symantec Technical Services
Thank you for your patience."

I have tried this and had the same problem with both IE8 and Firefox.  The support codes are valid, if I enter an invalid code I get returned to the page asking for a valid code to be entered.   I have also tried several different support codes and none of them work.

I now have another major problem with Backup Exec failing to load drivers/reporting corrupt registry entries so has lost contact with it's tape drive.

I would appreciate someone getting back to me as promised so that I can log / progress these calls, it may be that there are some suggestions on my open calls but I'm unable to tell!


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Since you already have a case number for technical support team 800-634-4747 optin 1, try to call them and provide the case number that you have, they will connect you directly to the technician who is assigned to your case.

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Do you experience the inability to access the MySupport from  a different system?

Regarding the Backup Exec issue, please post your issue in the BE forum

Someone may be able  to help you find a solution to the issue.


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Yeah, I get the same issue. I called support and all they would do is send me some "links" to an FAQ. Support was not interested in escalating the issue.

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it usually depends on the severity of the case so as to minimize the hold time for customers who have more critical issues to deal with. If the issue was not that critical, tech support provide FAQ's, KB links or even a callback.

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If you encountered any issues or error in MySupport such as invalid support id not valid for your account and MySupport Application Error and don't want to contact Technical Support Team by phone, you may send an email to directly.

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