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Unable to provision domino mailbox in EV

Created: 19 Sep 2012 • Updated: 19 Oct 2012 | 14 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

I had created a test provision group and target 3 mailboxes but all gets provisioned except 1.

Provisioning for domain 'XXXX' started at 9/19/2012 11:00:10 AM

Rank    Group name    Target name    Policy    Action

0    Group for 15 days    User1       Mailbox Policy for 15 Days    *** No mailboxes found ***
0    Group for 15 days    User2      Mailbox Policy for 15 Days    Updated mailbox for user 'CN=User2', file 'xxx\user2' on server 'CN=xxx/O=yyyy'

But User1 mailbox still gets provisioned under previous group which I wish to change.

1    YYYY /yyyy    Default Lotus Domino Mailbox Policy    Updated mailbox for user 'CN=User2', file 'xxxx\user2' on server 'CN=xxx/O=yyyy'

Anyone knows why? I had setup all 3 mailboxes settings the same way and all are enabled.

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So you only have one provisiong group right now?

Are there any events in the EV app log?  Could you attach the entire report?

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I have 1 default provision group for all mailboxes but created 2 more for testing purposes.

EV app log error refers to the provisioning group reports attached here.

Event ID 41288

EV_Domino_Mailbox_Provisioning_20120918110008.txt 3.66 KB
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You should double check the mailbox for

Cynthia Xu_ss/xxx

The Provisioning report is reporting it cannot find a mailbox for her.

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I understand that it cannot find her mailbox which is why I need to find out the reason as the default provisioning group can find her mailbox and updated perfectly.

Is very strange why it only happen to her mailbox. Tested a few more users mailbox, all got updated to the new provisioning group.

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How many Domino servers do you have?  Where is her mailbox physically located?

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only 1 domino server and all users are at the same location.

0 Group for 15 days Cynthia Xu 徐珊珊/xxx Mailbox Policy for 15 Days *** No mailboxes found ***

1 xxx/xxxx Default Lotus Domino Mailbox Policy Updated mailbox for user 'CN=Cynthia Xu 徐珊珊/O=xxx@xxx', file 'yyyy\cynthiaxu' on server 'CN=yyyy/O=xxxx'

Please see her mailbox is still tag to the default policy.

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Can you compare the targets on both provisioning groups to ensure they are entered identically?  It seems like the entry in the first Provisiong group is an account without a mailbox.

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The first group is using mailbox under Target while the second one is using Organization Unit for everyone.

But I had did the same for other mailboxes which does not face this issue.

Any other area I should check or verify as I had did the exact steps for the rest of the 5 mailboxes which all gets provisioned.

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You could try removing the target, run provisioning, and then re-add it back.

Also, could you share the version of EV adn Domino?

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Tried but still the same result.

EV v10.0.1

Domino 8.5.3

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Please grab a dtrace of EvLotusDominoPolicySyncTask and post that here?

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Hi Tony,

attached zip file of the dtrace.

I tested a few more mailboxes and seems that some of them also cannot be found.

AttachmentSize 663.77 KB
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Does this user happen to have multiple person doc's?

The dtrace clearly shows it can't find the it for her so I wonder if your target is one without a mailbox.

562    09:38:15.506     [6768]    (EvLotusDominoPolicySyncTask)    <7128>    EV-M    {DominoMailboxPolicySyncTaskProcessor.ProcessUser} Processing 'person' target [Cynthia Xu 徐珊珊/bwoil]
563    09:38:15.506     [6768]    (EvLotusDominoPolicySyncTask)    <7128>    EV-L    {DomDatabase.OpenWithFailover} Opened DB [CN=SGMAIL/O=bwoil!!names.nsf]
564    09:38:15.506     [6768]    (EvLotusDominoPolicySyncTask)    <7128>    EV-M    {DomView..ctor} Opened DomView for [($VIMPeople)]
565    09:38:15.506     [6768]    (EvLotusDominoPolicySyncTask)    <7128>    EV-M    {DomView..ctor} Found view in database
566    09:38:15.506     [6768]    (EvLotusDominoPolicySyncTask)    <7128>    EV-L    {DomView.FindDocsInView} Searching for key [Cynthia Xu 徐珊珊/bwoil] in view [($VIMPeople)]
568    09:38:15.521     [6768]    (EvLotusDominoPolicySyncTask)    <13636>    EV:L    CBaseDirectoryServiceWrapper::CreateDirectoryService() - Entry [m_nNumTries = 40]
569    09:38:15.521     [6768]    (EvLotusDominoPolicySyncTask)    <13636>    EV:L    CBaseDirectoryServiceWrapper::CreateDirectoryService() - Successfully communicated with an EV Directory Service on the local machine
570    09:38:15.521     [1948]    (DirectoryService)    <12152>    EV:M    DIR_ADMIN_FN: CDirectoryServiceObject::get_SQLServer
571    09:38:15.521     [6768]    (EvLotusDominoPolicySyncTask)    <13636>    EV-M    {DirectoryDBAccess.MapDNSAliasToSQLServer} DNS Alias:  ==> SQL server: Cached? False
573    09:38:15.521     [6768]    (EvLotusDominoPolicySyncTask)    <13636>    EV:L    CBaseDirectoryServiceWrapper::CreateDirectoryService() - Entry [m_nNumTries = 40]
574    09:38:15.521     [6768]    (EvLotusDominoPolicySyncTask)    <13636>    EV:L    CBaseDirectoryServiceWrapper::CreateDirectoryService() - Successfully communicated with an EV Directory Service on the local machine
575    09:38:15.521     [1948]    (DirectoryService)    <12152>    EV:M    DirectoryService: Method call: CDirectoryServiceObject::ReadDirectoryEntry, param (1E1E9814574B9774A896A6AC0A963C6AB1012j00evdg) |
576    09:38:15.521     [1948]    (DirectoryService)    <12152>    EV:L    CADOContext::CreateConnection entry
577    09:38:15.521     [6768]    (EvLotusDominoPolicySyncTask)    <7128>    EV-L    {DomView.FindDocsInView} Search result: (17412) Entry not found in index
578    09:38:15.521     [6768]    (EvLotusDominoPolicySyncTask)    <7128>    EV-M    {DomView.FindDocInView} Not found
579    09:38:15.521     [6768]    (EvLotusDominoPolicySyncTask)    <7128>    EV-L    {DomDatabase.Close} Closed DB [CN=SGMAIL/O=bwoil!!names.nsf]

But later on the task does find a person doc for that user.

You might need to contact support and have them take a look at this dtrace if that isn't it.

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thanks for all the help. I'll check with the support and see if they can find the cause.