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Unable to recover from tape for defunct server

Created: 17 Jan 2014 • Updated: 22 Jan 2014


I'm new to these forums so hope someone can help.

I've used Backup Exec through from version 7 to 2010 and am now at a company that is using BE 2012 on a 3600T appliance conneced to a HP MSL Tape device.

There a is a backup I am trying to restore that dates back about 7 months. It is of the disks from a windows 2003 cluster. Since this backup was taken this server has been decomissioned and rebuilt as a Windows 2008 clustered server (same hostname), it also now resids on a different domain as to when the backup was taken as the original domain is no longer part of this network.

I've gone through several symantec forum posts and have re-catalogued the tape several times, this fails, but the data I need is clearly available on the tape when looking at it. Each time the tape is displaying the FDQN of the server it was taken from as Domain A, and the only server appearing in the backup and restore tab is for Domain B, so it doesn't show the backup set against the server and therefore I cannot go through the restore wizard and select it (when I removed the previous catalogues and only ran this one, there is no option to select anything in the restore wizard).

So far I've run through the following:

In previous versions of BE I'd have no issue with this, but as this is all based around the server name in BE 2012 I'm kind of stuck now!

Any help is appreciated?



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