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Unable to restore as Backup Exec won't run under Directory Services Restore Mode?

Created: 20 Feb 2008 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 4 comments
Re post as no response in AD area.
I am trying to restore User Accounts to a test backup system, so wanted to restore the Active Directory (via System State).
Trying in normal mode resulted in an error V-79-57344-65190 which indicates the server must be started in Directory Service Restore Mode.
I did this and followed the instructions in
section II. To restore the Local system State
however it refers to a Windows 2000 server which may be the difference.
Under "Directory Services Restore Mode" I can not start the Backup Exec services (even after changing them all to Logon as Local System Account) so can not run a restore.
Is there a more up to date set of instructions for Windows SBS 2003 R2 ?
Or alternatively is there another way to restore the user accounts, as I think I have restored all the "data" including Exchange data, it's just that any new users don't have accounts on the restored system.
Any help appreciated.

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Hey there,

Any luck solving this ? I'm in the same sitatuation... except a production system, not a test system. :(


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Unfortunately not :smileysad:


Are you using the Backup Exec default database or SQL ?


I concluded it might be because I was using SQL, and resorted to using NT Backup to backup the system state from the live system as a separate occassional backup.

Not ideal but decided we needed to do it anyway as Backup Exec couldn't restore to anything except identical hardware, and since one likely failure was the hardware that wasn't adequate.



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Hey William


After the failed attempt at getting the services to start up, I restarted into normal mode to have a play around, make a duplicate of my backup set, etc.


Then logged back into Active Directory restore mode and VOILA, all the services were running. I did change them to Local Service during the previous attempt, and this time they worked well.


I only restored the system state, but not the actual C: data, however it didn't like it very much and caused a gazillion errors in event viewer. I have a feeling the C: on the set is corrupt (due to it backing up corrupt data to start with), so restoring from a few days prior. Will see how it goes and report back.



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Spot on - I don't quite see why a reboot is necessary after changing the BE service and SQL service logon accounts, but it worked here too (without rebooting into Normal Mode).


Well spotted and thanks very much!