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Unable to restore a directory

Created: 27 Sep 2006 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 9 comments

I'll give points if I get the right answer here.

I'm attempting to restore a directory from one server to an alternate location.

I'm getting the following errors for each file/folder:

8:47:16 (270.001) WRN - can't create file: \\bur-p-bk01\e$\atlantis\WashingtonDC\SCMBuilds\BUILD7963\Support\Profiles\ICIcardav LC D50.icc (WIN32 5: Access is denied. )

Here's the problem. I have tried restoring to two separate locations, one of which is the master server. The location that I'm trying to restore to, I grated everyone full control rights to allow access. Still no luck.

Also of note, I'm initiating the restore from the client. My client is Windows 2k SP4. Both destination servers (including the master) is 2k3R2.

Why would I be getting an access denied error, when writing directly to the master server?

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whats the e$ in the path? can the actual value be placed into the path?

VERITAS ain't it the truth?

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I don't think you can restore to a UNC path can you? Try it as a mapped drive instead and/or initiate the restore from the destination client and do an alternate server restore that way.

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Hi Nathan,

There are a few ways of restoration data to alternate location:

1) map the drive of the destinated alternate server to the client (e.g. net use \\bur-p-bk01\e$ x:\) and perform restoration (to X: drive), as per recommended by Lance. I think specifying a UNC as destination is not supported, but you can try setting both administrator account for both the client and the alternate client the same and login as administrator to perform restore (it may works recapping from some post in the past).

2) Login as administrator at the master server, use the NB admin console to perform restore of the client's backup (if you want to restore to your master server). Remember to set the source client in the Backup, Archive and Restore GUI accordingly.

3) Initiate a restore from alternate client (basically starting the restore GUI on alternate client and set the source client accordingly). But in order to permit this client to browse other's client backup, it need to be 'authorised' using alternames.
(couldn't find the technote but you can find a good example in admin console help, just search with the following phrase: "allowing single client to perform redirected restores")

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Sorry I have not gotten back on this. I didn't know netbackup didn't support UNC... Of course, I cannot fathom why it wouldnt.

That being said, I have been unable to restore, but for different reasons, so I haven't been able to test it out. I had a restore set over night, which finished incomplete. Now, no mater what I do, my restores are listed as "in progress" with no actual progress on either the client or the master server. I have tried to delete the restore from the status menu, but the delete option is grayed out. Really obnoxious. Still working on this one.

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you have probably already done this but sometimes you have to cancel before you can delete.

Sounds kinda like Netbackup has lost it. Stopping and restarting the services may help.

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Sorry for the delay in update. I still cannot restore. I did try mapping the network drive. It failed with the same error. Seems to think I have no access. I have full rights to everything.

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Have you tried restoring to an alternate location on the original server and then moving the directory to the new location?

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There isn't enough room on that server. They do not want files overwritten. It was more to compare to see if anything was missing.

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Wow, that's either a very full server or some very big files ...

You should be able to restore to a different server if you initiate the restore from your Master:
On the master, open the Backup, Archive & Restore program.
Click on 'Select for Restore'
Go to File -> Specify NetBackup Machines and Policy Type
On the 'Source Clients' tab, select (or enter and select) the name of your original server.
On the 'Destination Clients' tab, select (or enter and select) the name of the alternate server.
Click OK
Browse to the files you want to restore.
Click the 'Start Restore of Marked Files' button
In the restore options window, select 'restore everything to a different location'
Pick a simple location on the alternate server (D:\Temp or something).
Start your restore.