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unable to retrieve version of the server

Created: 06 Jun 2013 • Updated: 14 Aug 2013 | 12 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.


We have UNIX (Solaris 10, X86 ) env that run NetBackup 7.0.1  - Master Server.

The Problem is that I try to run NetBackup Administration Console on my PC (Win7) and get message "unable to retrieve version of the server".

On "Change Server" Window I have allready insert the server name including add it to Windows host file… I have ping and it resolved.

Please note that the installed console version is - I Would like to now if there is a problem with it....

Please Help.



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You need to use the same version of the Java Console or Windows Admin console as your master server. 

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you can try to install the same version java console.

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To use Windows Admin Console, you need to add your PC to /etc/hosts on the master and add SERVER entry for your PC to bp.conf on the master.
Plus of course same version and patch on your PC.

I personally prefer to manage Unix/Linux masters with Java Console. Again, same version and patch level as master.

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RonCaplinger - is 100% right.  You MUST have the same version java conosle as the master server.

Please install the 7.0.1 java console on your work station

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Hi all,

Sorry about the delay of my answer.

As Ron said, maybe there is a problem with the version.

Therefore, I tried to download the right version (7.0) but I have license problem since the company that installed the NBU on my PC, are not working with us anymore.

I tried to download it from the FTP with my serials that I found on the Help/About but none of them was correct.

Do you have an idea how can I download it without put the serial?

Thanks for your help


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Were you able to downalod the correct version by reaching customer care ?

If the issue was resolved, do not forget to mark the solution. yes

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Hi All,

This issue is resolved after doing the registry setting on the Master Backup server.

Added the "Media server Name" on the "Server" String Value on


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Are you the same person as the original poster? Or working with asaf9280?

The OS in the opening post is listed as Unix - that is why I advised to add SERVER entry to bp.conf and add /etc/hosts entry...

According to your post this is actually Windows?
Or do you have a similar issue as asaf9280?

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You started the problem with UNIX (Solaris 10, X86 ) and you resolved it by modifying registry on Unix server?? ;-)