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Unable to Run Physical to virtual machine Conversion on Backup Exec 2012.

Created: 11 Sep 2013 | 7 comments

Hello Experts,

    We are testing one of the Feature available with backup Exec 2012 (converting the Physical to Virtual Machine, Baremetal to Virtual Machine).

We want to test with Feature on Cisco UCS Server with HP Tape Library.

Steps we Followed:

1) Created the Physical Machine by installing Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise on SAN Storage (NetApp). Provided the LUN from the NetApp Storage to the UCS Server, and then continued with the installation of Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise

2) After the installation is completed added the Physical Machine to the Backup Exec Server.


4) Provided the Following Option on Disk like (Running the Job Now, Selected storage as DISK, Network, and disabled the Snapshot.

5) Provided the Following Option of Conversion to Virtual (ESXi Server, Log on account, DataStore, Resource Pool, Virtual Machine Name, Vmware Tools ISO Location)


But dont find the SERVER CONFIGURATION and DISK CONFIGURATION Listed like Physical RAM and CPU. Please let me know if anything needs to be enabled. Because of this i was not able to RUN the Backup Job.

Also let me know can we convert the Physcial Machine to Virtual Machine in which the Physcial machine is installed on SAN.


Vengada Narayanan 

Operating Systems:

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Your attached picture is not complete.

Are you in a CAS/MMS environment? If so, then see this document

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Is the version of ESXi licensed ? (If licensed, is VADP feature also licensed ?)

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Hi pkh,

   Please find the full image.. Since its in Japanese i didnt upload. Kindly guide me where we are going wrong?

 is it possible to take backup of Physical Machine which is installed on SAN. 

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If this CISCO UCS solution basically means that you have diskless server units that do not have any internal storage and only use the SAN, then we have almost certainly not have done any official development or testing against either SDR or B2V/P2V to confim if these advanced features are compatible with such a system. (which will make this concept unsupported)

You will probably be able to perform standard backups and then plan to run forms of manual DR (where you install operating system and remote agent before restoring.

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   Yes, one os the CISCO UCS Server that we are using for our testing purpose doesn't have any internal storage, and so that we have only option to install them in the SAN.

  Let me know when this advanced feature will be supported by Backup Exec 2012.

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You mention ESXi server.  Are you saying you are running the free version?

It seems you need a licensed version?

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Just to clarify - I believe VMware have dropped the name ESX (without the i) in the latest versions.

More info here

Now all new VMware hosts are ESXi, although the licensing requirement on the VMware side still applies.