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Unable to see the archived users emails from EV web console ?

Created: 02 Jul 2012 • Updated: 07 Dec 2012 | 4 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hi People,

I'm having issue with the Enterprise Vault that I cannot see the result of any email from a user that I have drag n drop to the 0-day archive OU ?

This user AD account has been disabled and moved into the OU for 0-day archival, but when I go to the EV search web site, it says "No Archived items match the search query". I don’t know if it isn’t archiving, or I just don’t have permissions.

Any help and suggestion please ?

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Did you ran the provisioning task after you moved the users?

Right clik on the exchange and click display policy assigned to the user , and verify if correct policy applied to the user.

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It's probably because you have disabled the AD account or/and you have not run the provisioning task after you have moved the user to update EV.

You need to re-enable the user in AD then run the Provisioning Task - do a run now.

Check that the user has appeared in the correct provisioning group and then perform a run now to archive that user. Once the archived is done, disable the user in AD again.

You can archive the user whilst the AD account is being disabled by using this technote:

But in order for the user to be updated in EV via the provisioning task you need to re-enable the AD account again first.

Hope that helps.

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I would back up a knotch. 

1) RUn provisioning with full reporting. Find the user in the report and ensure it was provisioned as expected

2) do a manual archive report against that user.. confirm the user has stuff ready to archive now. 

3) Review the usage report to check the size of the applicable archive

4) run a manual archive run against the user

5) run a manual report run against the users archive

6) confirm via report and usage that the items were archived 

if items are being archived and you are still having an issue.. Confirm you do not have a problem with indexing content for that user. The message implies you are able to search the archive but nothing returned per your search criteria. CLear all criteria and do a blank serarch against the archive. If usage and the report both say (or either say really) that the content has been archived and you are doing a blank search against the archive... most likely you have an indexing issue

Also since this is a dated posting... please follow-up and confirm this is still an outstanding issue so people who volenteer their time are doing so in a manor to help those most in need. If this is resolved please post the resolution and flag it or flag the person that helped you get to resolution to give them credit. 

THanks in advanced and I hope this helps. 

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Any word on this issue. If it is resolved could you please flag it so that it no longer shows up as needing assistnace?