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Unable to see Files and Directories Backupexec V12.5

Created: 04 Apr 2010 • Updated: 12 Sep 2010 | 6 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

I have just installed Backupexec V12.5 SP3 on my server, all services are running correctly, when I try to set up a backup job using the backup wizard or a custom job, I cannot see the files or directories as I can on a different server using Version 10.
All I see on the selections tab is "all resourses", but I wish to be able to pick just a project area for backup, as I do on my other servers.
When I try to set up using the new job, I click on "selections". In the right pane the only thing that shows is "All Resourses".
When I click on that I was expecting to see Files and folders, but I get the following message
"All Resourses
not selectable for backup
This item is only displaye to enable browsing"

Unfortunately there is no files showing to browse.
Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I am now with a backup at a remote site and I have another install due next week.

Thanx in anticipation

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1) Have you installed the license for the Remote Agent for Windows Servers (RAWS) in your BE 12.5 media server?

2) Did you push out the 12.5 remote agent to the remote server?

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I have installed the remote agent, but the problem is with a local server, when I mentioned remote
in my first email, I meant that it is 3 hours driving distance.
I am using the microsoft remote connection now to try to configure backupexec.


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Have you set up selections lists at all (or are trying to do that now?)  Are you trying to connect to the remote server running BE 10 from your new media server running 12.5 in order to back up that media server to your new one?  Your mail sounds like you're using Remote Desktop Connection to remotely configure BE on your offsite installation...

Are you trying to back up drives on that media server itself, or clients on that remote LAN to that remote server?

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I am trying to see the list of files and folders on the BE 12.5 server via microsoft remote connection.
The server running BE 10 is not connected in any way to the server running BE 12.5, I was just using it as an example that I can see the files and folders on BE 10 and I am able to pick what I want to back up.
Which I cannot seem to do with BE 12.5

I think I have confused the issue by talking about a remote connection, but I did not mean a remote agent backup. Sorry about that.

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I am having a similar problem. At first I thought it was because I was logged in to the server remotely, and then attempted to do so sitting at the terminal itself. No change.

Did anyone figure out what the solution was? I attempted uninstalling and reinstalling the software but that made no difference.

Any help is welcomed.

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I managed to find a solution to this, see the following link:

I could have sworn I had done this already, but I had done so logged in remotely vs on the terminal.

Hope this helps someone else.