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Unable to select Oracle DB for restore

Created: 16 Jan 2012 • Updated: 06 Jun 2012 | 10 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.


We have Backup Exec 2010 rev 2896, and one of the things we backup is an oracle database on a separate server using the BE Oracle agent.  The backup shows as successful every night, both full and differential backups, and the job log shows there's data in each backup too.  However, if I try to restore that database, I can't see it to select.  I look in View by Resource (no other view works for Oracle, apparently), and the db is in the selection list.  Upon opening it, it asks for the correct login account, so I select the Oracle sys account used for the backup, and I see Current Database [Open] and Control Files.  I understand that then underneath those should be the various media that contain the backup, however neither current database nor control files show anything - they're greyed out with only "No selections exist for this resource" showing in the right pane.

Does anyone know why this might be?  I'm becoming a little panicky that we might not be able to recover this database if it goes wrong!

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Is the backup on Tape or Disk? Have you duplicated the backup job to a disk?

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The backup is straight to tape.  It's not an issue of cataloging - there's a month's worth of backups done for this database, and I can't even see the selection for the backup done an hour ago!  I'm not sure how b2d would make a difference, but I'll give it a try.

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You can only choose Oracle restore selections from the View by Resource tab on the Restore Job Properties dialog box. The View by Media tab displays backup sets, but you cannot browse or select the contents.


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I did mention in the original post I was using the View by Resource view...

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My Bad.. :( .


Is this issue happening with all the oracle backups set or a specific backup set ? Is there any filter set for the dates in the restore selection list ?

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We only backup one Oracle instance (in one selection list, applied to a policy which runs differential backups in the week and full at the weekend), but that one instance is completely unavailable for restore.

Thanks for the link, but we have sotrage-media based catalogs turned on already

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Faced similar issue recently ..upgraded to BE 2010R3 and was able to select db for restore

with new jobs after R3.

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Do you had found the reason? Faced similar issue recently  Faced similar issue recently  I II

I faced similar issue recently .Can you tell can you share your solutions?tks

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@Ross Luker did you try creating an Oracle Instance(with the same name as the original instance name) on the server first and then generate the View by Resource. Backup Exec will need an instance to generate the restore view.



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Hi All,

Upgrading to Backup Exec 2010 R3 cleared the problem.