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Unexpect EOF error when import tape images

Created: 07 Aug 2012 | 2 comments

When tried to import tape images, got "unexpected EOF" error at the end of phase II import. I think it's because the image expanded to different tapes, how can I find out which one is the next tape? Is there any command can find out what are the needed tapes for certain images?

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You need to perform phase 1 import of all possible tapes in backup set before doing phase 2.

Because all images info is deleted from catalogs when images have expired, there is no way to determine wich tapes form part of backup set. You may have to perform phase 1 import of all expired tapes... hopefully you don't have thousands of them... wink

Ps: If tapes were written in last 28 days (or whatever value is used in 'Keep Logs' setting), you may have a chance of finding which tapes were used in backup set. Use 'Media Logs' report for this media server to view media id's used.

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Thank you very much Marianne, you are definitly the expert of Netbackup. Where is this 'keep logs' setting resides? Where can I find "Media logs" report? Do you think if I copy all the images under /usr/openv/netbackup/db/images/hostname/*  from my old Master server to my new Master server will do the same thing as I import the tape images to the new environment? Never done this before, don't know the differences. Thanks in advance for your help!