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Unexpected Error Has Occurred with PC-DOS and ISO Image

Created: 17 Jan 2013 | 2 comments


I am using Ghost Solution Suite 2.5, program versions listed as, LiveUpdate states that Ghost is up to date.

I am trying to create a Ghost Boot Disk ISO Image using PC-DOS as the PreOS and adding a GHO file to the ISO.

When clicking on Next on the Client Details window, I receive the error: "An unexpected error has occurred.  Please check that the target is not read-only and that there is enough space on disk."

I looked at the Tech Article 110486, but it does not seem to apply to the situation.

The Temp directory on this server is on its largest partition (1.23 TB with 794 GB free), and permissions are normal.  The image file being added is only 670 MB in size.

Additionally, I confirmed that creating a USB Boot Drive using PC-DOS as the PreOS and including the image functions normally.

Creating ISO Images with Windows PE as the PreOS also works normally.

Unfortunately, while I would like to use Windows PE, the PCs that this load will be used with cannot load Windows PE, and thus I would prefer to use DOS.

Can anyone point me in the right direction here as to where to even begin to troubleshoot this to get this working?  Is there some workaround to being able to create a PC DOS CD with an image file attached?


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How big is your image?  Keep in mind that working in Dos there are file size issues that need to be kept in mind.    You may need to keep your total file size under the 650 meg cd size since it is dos and not windows.  It has been a while since I was working with images on disk with dos but I know there were some dos limitatations that need to be considered even if I can't recall what they are.   

If you don't include the image does ghost do what it needs to correctly with the pcdos iso?   I am just checking to make sure there isn't an issue bigger than adding files.    Also what happens if you add only a few megs worth of files does that work?

One thing I remember about the pcdos disks that we were making was that they don't have native SATA cd drivers so you will also need to also address the adding of dos sata drivers to your boot disk possibly


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As stated in the original comment, the GHO file I am adding is approximately 670 MB in size.  I've tried reducing the spans to 600 MB even and still had the same issue.

If I select no files or otherwise select smaller files, it works normally.

I don't need to worry about SATA drivers, because the PCs i'm working with do not have SATA drives.

I may have found a workaround on this, as I am currently working with creating my own dos boot disk and using that as a bootable image for the ISO in IMGBurn.