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An unexpected exception on SEPM every ~30 seconds

Created: 21 Jan 2008 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 8 comments

Dear All,

Has anybody been experiencing this?
I keep getting the following in the lower part of the window (logging part), when in Admin > Servers section:
21.01.2008. 10.12.55 CET: An unexpected exception has occurred [Site: SiteName] [Server: ServerName]
This occurs on two servers who are replication partners also. Both of them were migrated from SAV 10.0.2.

Btw, is there any mention of a fix for processor usage, or at least explanation why is it happening?


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Hi There,
Im experiencing the same thing since i rebuilt my v.11 test environment.
The only difference I made with the rebuid is to use a remote SQL database instead of the embedded db.
anyone any ideas.
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I've got the same problem. I just upgraded to MR2 and it hasn't fixed it. I'm getting that error popping up every minute or so, and definitions will NOT get pushed out to the clients. What gives?
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The workaround would be to change  the startup type for the spbbcsvc(tamper protection) service from auto to manual and stop the service.

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De facto when AV does something, it starts jumping up and down, waving its arms, and shouting...

"Hey!  I found a virus!  Look at me!  I'm soooo goooood!"

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I do not have this service listed. The only Symantec services in the "Services" snap-in are Symantec Embedded Database and Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager. In addition, I do not see the spbbcsvc even running in the Task Manager. I just checked and the message is still appearing even though this service is nowhere to be found. Other thoughts?
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Hello? Does anyone else have any ideas? This is pretty tragic that I've got my entire company sitting on old definitions (most everyone is sitting at 2008-04-09 rev009). This software is too expensive for something like this.
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I had the same problem and opened a service request.  We did a whole day's worth of "hunting down the evil tamper protection" even though I assured them that tamper protection was indeed off.
What seemed to do the trick was creating all new groups with all new policies, then moving all of the clients out and deleting all existing groups and policies.  It took weeks to trip over this.
In my case it appeared that there was a corrupted policy somewhere that caused the policy scan to fail and fail and fail.  The snag is that until the problem policy gets killed, no policy updates will occur.
Good luck.
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Thanks for the advice. I guess I'll try it. I sure don't have time for mess like this out of an "enterprise" software, but hey, who writes good software anyway these days?
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I honestly don't know.  I have been hunting around and all of the "enterprise" level AV++ software seems to be just as bad or worse.   It's the same story, stuff that doesn't work, scary calls to "support", etc.
At least the Symantec support folks have been nice to me.  It's all pathetic.