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Unexpected Shutdown Event Tracker issue - EventID 6008 EventLog

Created: 01 Mar 2010 | 2 comments


I am evaluating Altiris Management Suite (v 7.0.7270) and currently I have deployed the HP Client Manager (v 7.0.2).

There is a strange thing going on when Symantec Management Agent (v 7.0.7270) is being deployed to a Windows 2008 R2 Server (v 6.1.7600) (it's a VM on ESX4): Even when a normal restart initiated, when I login back to the system, the Shutdown Event Tracker pops up asking the reason for the unexpected shutdown (?!?) and an event 6008 is recorded in the event log.

Does anybody know of such an issue?

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Joshua-'s picture

Yes, I have the same experience too. So far it is only for W2K8 R2 Standard.

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I'm getting the same issue on W2K8 R2 too, but with the Altiris DAgent client (v6.9.430) for Altiris Deployment Server. I assume the Management Agent and Altiris client perform similar roles.

I started to notice that when I rebooted the server manually, on next login I will be presented with the popup that the last shutdown was unexpected. I've tested this on both W2K8 R2 Standard and W2K8 Enterprise.

My problem is exarcebated by the fact we use Diskeeper here on all infrastructure servers. If the Diskeeper service (Diskeeper Server 2010 v909) is also running at the time of reboot I get an unexpected shutdown message every time I reboot the server.

Strangely enough both these products co-exist fine (Same versions) on Windows 2008 SP2 but something appaers to have changed in Windows 2008 R2. I have tested this with Windows 2008 R2 Standard and Enterprise edition and also with 2008 R2 SP1 and get the same problem.

I've been through this issue with Microsoft and Diskeeper and it appears the registry key that indicates whether the shutdown was clean or not is not being cleared during the shutdown process.

I do not believe the issue is Diskeeper related as we can recreate the issue without Diskeeper running\installed, although for some reason the issue seems to be exacerbated with Diskeeper installed.

Does anyone from Symantec know more? What could be causing this issue? Is it a known fault? Are there any plans to resolve this issue?

I cannot believe we are the only Enterprise customer using DAgent + W2K8 R2 (+ Diskeeper) that is having this problem.