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uninstall dlp agent

Created: 02 Apr 2014 • Updated: 22 Apr 2014 | 2 comments
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Uninstall the DLP agent with out the password as i have no idea about password?

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Dear Nitesh,

The uninstallation password prevents unauthorized users from removing the Symantec DLP Agent from an endpoint computer. If an unauthorized user tries to remove the agent without the password, the agent cannot be removed.
When you create or assign the password during agent installation, it cannot be changed unless the agent is removed and then reinstalled. When you want to remove an agent from an endpoint computer, the uninstallation password parameter pop-up window requests the uninstallation password. If you remove
agents from a large number of endpoint computers using an agent management system, the password must be included in the uninstallation command line. By default, there is a limit to how many times an administrator can enter the wrong password. If the limit is exceeded, the uninstallation process quits and the process must be restarted.

You generate a secure uninstallation password by using the UninstallPwdKeyGenerator.exe tool.

You can generate more than one password if you want to assign different passwords to different groups of endpoint computers.

 Use the uninstallation password generator tool to create a unique password key.
The name of the uninstallation password generator tool is UninstallPwdKeyGenerator.exe.
The uninstallation password prevents unauthorized users from removing the Symantec DLP Agent. The UninstallPwdKeyGenerator.exe tool works with the PGPSdk.dll file to create unique passwords. The tool and the file must be located in the same Administrator's tools directory to function.

The UninstallPwdKeyGenerator.exe tool and the PGPSdk.dll file should be located in the Administrator tool directory by default.

Note: The UninstallPwdKeyGenerator.exe tool only works in Microsoft Windows environments. You cannot use this tool with any other operating system.

To create an uninstallation password :

1]  From a command window, navigate to the Symantec Data Loss Prevention
keystore directory.
2]  Enter the following command:
-xp=<uninstall password>
where <uninstall password> is the password that you want to use. Choose
a unique password key.
A password key is generated. Enter this key in the command line when you install
the agent.