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Uninstall Enterprise Vault server ???

Created: 10 Jun 2010 • Updated: 19 Oct 2010 | 4 comments
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Hi All,

We are looking to uninstall one of our Enterprise Vault servers as this was only used to Pilot test EV File Archiving. According to the Installing and Configuring documentation it's just a matter of Add/Remove programs on that EV server as long as it's not the Primary Enterprise Vault server...I'm sure it's not but how do I check this to be sure?

Would there be anything else I need to do or know? eg Do I need to remove anything associated to that server via the Administration Cnsole first?, Do i need to remove any SQL database associated to that server before or after?

I guess I'm asking does the uninstall on the server do the whole job? and how do I check which is the Primary EV server?

Thanks in advance,

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TonySterling's picture

I wrote a little article that should cover removing everything:

If there are any vault store databases associated with that EV Storage service then you will want to remove them from SQL.

Also, what version are you?  You should have a Site Alias that points to the primary EV Server.

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Thanks Tony,

EV 8 SP3

Yes we have DNS entries for evserver1 and evserver2...I'm assuming these are the Site Alias you mention. The one we are removing is evserver2. I was looking for the wording of Primary or secondary via the Administration Console as per the same wording in the "Installing and Configuring" guide....silly me ;-)

So according to the DNS entries and I safley assume evserver2 is NOT the primary, and can safely remove without is removing the Directory Database?

Thanks for your guide; we are removing not moving to another server, so in Step 1: Move all the existing Targets, Indexes, and Vault Stores to a new EV Server I'm think I just delete Targets, Indexes and Vault Stores.

Thanks again,

TonySterling's picture

Yes, just remove them instead of moving them.

If you look on the properties of an Archive on the advanced tab what is the last bit of the Archive ID? 

ie in this example the Site Alias is EVSite  180A4ED788F8EBA4788895CDA4245360E1d10000EVSite

philt's picture

Hi Tony,

All our Archive IDs on the evserver1 Archives end with evsite just like yours. The server we are wanting to remove never had any Archives created as this was only a pilot that didn't get very far. This is part of the reason why we want to remove and start again from scratch while implementing Centera storage solution.