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Uninstall SAV 8.0 by using SCS Cleanwipe through Active Directory

Created: 15 Jan 2008 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 1 comment
I wanted to use the SCS batch file to remove SAV 8.0 from all of our computers, about 30 in total and some in a remote location.  This is the only thing holding me up from installing Symantec Endpoint Security.  Now, within Active Directory, I go under Computer Configuration<Windows Settings<Scripts<Startup, and from there I need to point it to the batch file.  Do I just point it to SCS_CleanWipe.bat even though it calls on other batch files?  Also, can I just point to it from it's network location?

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I am actually in the same situation. I put all of the files in he App folder directly in the Startup folder for the GP and pointed the GP at the RunCleanWipe.bat file. It now runs but it is not silent. I get all of the questions at PC startup.
I have been changing some of the entries in the batch file but still have not got the script to run silently. This is the one section of the batch file that I have been looking at:
set Call_MSI=0
set CleanWipe_Twice=0
set REBOOT=0
set Detailed_Search=0
I don't know if this is the section that need to be modified or not. I might need to get our programmer to look at it and create some type of VBS script (I don;t know VBS) to make this work.
Have you had any luck with getting the batch to work?