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Uninstall SEE with Decrypt

Created: 21 Feb 2013 | 2 comments

We are running SEE 8.2.1 on Windows XP PC's, and are needing to uninstall SEE on a few PC's at a remote site. Is the a way to decrypt the hard drive in an unattended manner such as from the command line or as part of the uninstall? Thanks!!

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From what I recall, there is no combined "decrypt and uninstall" command.  The only scriptable options are for the MSI installers, not for SEE's operation.

As far as decyption goes, the managed method is to assign a policy to the machines, forcing them to decrypt.  This has the benefit of centralised management so you can be certain it has completed before pushing out a script for the uninstall (remove full disk/remoaveble storage first, then framework client).

Other methods to decrypt the drive (as I'm sure you're aware) are locally via the client console, or using the SEE Boot Images...

The fastest option of all (assuming all user data is stored in a centralised location and not on the endpoints themselves) is to just reimage the machine.

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I setup a separate OU that has a GPO that decrypts any computer that is placed in that OU. This helps the LAN staff when they know they have to do work on a computer the day before. Saves time on waiting for the decryption process to finish. I really wish there was a way to encrypt using the GPO option.