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Uninstall SEP client from SEPM

Created: 25 Apr 2011 | 7 comments


I'm sure this is the standard question posted by most of the sep administrator, am actually looking for the option to remotely uninstall sep client from sepm console coz by deleting the client icon in sepm doesn't perform a clean uninstallation for the client pc.

Since this feature is not available, is there any courtermeasure to tackle this ?

Appreciate feedback from anyone who have gd idea.



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pete_4u2002's picture

You can use the sepprep

RemoveSymantec: The RemoveSymantec option controls whether SEPprep should remove any Symantec product it finds. This option will not remove all Symantec products, instead it will only remove the Symantec products listed in the [ProductNames] section of the SEPprep.ini file. If this option is disabled it will skip any product it finds that has the word “Symantec” in it. Enabling this can be useful if you want to remove products such as older versions of SAV or SCS. However, be careful, as this will remove the SEP client also. This option can be set to Y or N. This is disabled by default

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For SEP client removing use symantec removal tool . It will remove from ur registry and program files completely .

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You probably talk about CleanWipe tool, which should always be used as the last method of uninstalling the product.

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And cleanwipe cannot be run from SEPM, you can include as a script in AD whenever you need to run on the client.

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Symantec competitive uninstaller utility can be possible solution.

Browse to your CD or downloaded setup files, you will find this utility under  Tools-->No support -->Competitiveuninstall 

Go through PDF file to have better idea.

Do you want to only uninstall SEP client ? or do you want to reinstall also ?

If you want to only uninstall SEP Cleanwipe tool can be possible solution.

Chetan Savade
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From the console this option is not available. I think there is already an idea posted for this,hope they consider it soon in future releases. This feature is available in Mcaffe, sure that it will soon be integrated.

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Please do not run Claen Wipe remotely, You may end up loosing your machine's NIC drivers.