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Uninstall Symantec corporate Anti-virus 10.x

Created: 08 Nov 2012 | 4 comments

Tools and instructions for UNINSTALLING Symantec Products is a case of futility. It should not be this difficult to simply uninstall a software package. Symantec Corporate Anti-virus 10.x was installed on my Laptop by a former employer's IT dept. I can not remove this product no matter what I do. Stopping all the Service, hacking through the Registry, uninstall, re-start.... Nothing. Help sites say to use the Symantec CleanWipe utility, but i need a case to be set up, then no one responds. My Case 02896830 has only an automated creation confirmation email sent. When I spoke to the Help(less) desk, either they couldnt find the ticket or they or I did not speak the same language. I Am running WinXP Pro SP3 32 bit on a DELL Inspiron E1705 laptop.

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Have you checked the manual uninstall documents:

When you call and request Cleanwipe, they will send you the FTP information. Have they not done this?

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Thanks for providing case details.

Upon checking the case "02896830" I can see that assign engineer has sent required details to download the cleanwipe utility.

Email is sent at following email id.


Have you receieved any email?

Please update this thread.

Chetan Savade
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In the 12.1 version of SEP we have done a lot of work to improve our installation and uninstallation of the product.  The failure rates have dropped significantly between SAV 10.x and SEP 12.1.

For removing older SAV products I recommend contacting support and requesting the CleanWipe tool.  This tool will remove SAV clients that cannot be uninstalled normally.  In future releases we plan to include this tool on the DVD so that you will not need to contact support to get this tool.

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Phone numbers to contact Tech Support:-

Regional Support Telephone Numbers:
United States: 800-342-0652 (407-357-7600 from outside the United States)
Australia: 1300 365510 (+61 2 8220 7111 from outside Australia)
United Kingdom: +44 (0) 870 606 6000

India: Toll-Free 000 800 4401 456 directly

IDD call: +61 2 8220 7111

Additional contact numbers:

Customer Care Contact Numbers for Licensing Issues:-

How to create a new case in MySupport