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universal console access if server is not network connected - IP change

Created: 20 Jul 2011 | 2 comments

I'm going to clone a VM instance of Universal server 3.X  (for testing an upgrade) and I will need to change the IP address and host name before it gets on the network.  How can I access that area of the application if the server is not network connected? 

All the docs I read say to configure the IP and name information during the install.  


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Sarah Mays's picture

you'll need to boot into single user mode, i dont remember the command off the top of my head... support should be able to tell you how to do this and which file you will need to modify to change the IP.

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I'd recommend that you put the clone into a confined space/VLAN first, and change it that way - the ammount of config files you need to change manually instead of doing it via the gui is a big part that will make it fail. The part I'm refering to is that you can't simply change the NIC' ip and be done with it - the services that is "in/outbound" are restricted to the configured and saved ip. There also might be some issues with the firewall config.

A smoother way might be to block pgp desktop-communications to and from the universal, power up the clone instead, and then change the ip settings via the GUI.