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Universal Server and PGP Viewer for IOS

Created: 25 Nov 2011 | 6 comments

Hi, we have Universal Server and a number of licenses for PGP Desktop Email which works fine.

We recently got some iphones and the users read their emails through their phones. I'd like for them to be able to view encrypted emails using the PGP viewer app.

In the app it asks for the PGP server address. Which part of PGP Universal Server would need configuring so that I can provide a server address for the app.

I have the local server address, but not sure how I would configure an external one, for people using devices outside of the network to point to.

Thanks for any advice

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This Knowledge Base Article may help.  And maybe this one

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Thanks for your reply, the only bit I am struggling on so far is what adress to use from the iPhone.

The iPhone isnt on the network, so i cant use my normal IP because it can only be used internally.

How can i dind out the external IP to use to connect to the server

many thanks

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There are websites out there on the internet which will tell you what your public IP address is that it's reporting when visting the site.  To find what external address you should be entering in the iPhone you would probably want to talk to someone in your networking team in your companies IT department.

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Hi, I know what public IP address to use. When I enter it as the serer address it says it cannot find the server though.

I have a way round it though if I use my iPhone and connect it to our network using a VPN and use the local IP I can get it to the server. It comes up with this error though.

I've had a look at the LDAP settings (Policy -> Internal User Policy -> Directory Sync) they seem to be correct though and test succeeds, am I missing something?

Many Thanks

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in my case im a little bit "farer", having LDAP working inside the network for PGP desktop clients, enrollment, everything is fine, i wanted to use one of the GKM users to be on the iPhone to test pgp viewer on iOS . entering the "manual" enrollment in PGP viewer results in "corrupt data" after checking "server capabilities".

Running latest iOS pgp viewer version, Universal is 3.2_MP3 , LDAP is open from external side, while those ios devices are on external networks they communicate with DNS to the "keys. ****** " hostname . Normal access via browser is working to the LDAP directory, or via outlook .

enroll via .CFG(enroll.pgp) file wont also work, cause same settings are used there. i understand it that way to use the user's LDAP authentication credentials for enrolling via the pgp_viewer app right? i wont use the LDAP user credentials set'ed in the directory-sync settings on the universal , (i tested too on the app, but results in same behaviour).

the more funnier it is that if using some wrong password it also says "checking server capabilities" and results in "corrupt data". perhaps i wipe the ios APP and re-install (i updated last time from a former ios app version..)


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i've heard that https is needed so that iOS pgp viewer users can enroll. that's for sure the problem why the enrollment in my testlab isnt working, let's see...