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Uniwersal serwer and secure email

Created: 23 Jan 2014 • Updated: 27 Jan 2014 | 4 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.


I implement Secure Encryption Server.

Integrate with with Symantec Messaging Gateway as  conditional forwarder . When set Secure PDF all is ok (from echxange email go to SMG and forward to US and then go back to SMG and send to client.

But have same problem with secure email. When set as preferred on Web Email Protection on Uniwersal Serwer , I notice that in header email that emails are send directly from Encryption Server.
How reroute secure email to brighmail?
SEcure PDF go my email flow but secure emial don't go this patch only go send imediatly do recipent.  

Is it normal behavior?

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Hi Przemek,

The Web Email Protection (aka Web Messenger) is a portal under your control to communicate with your internal users. Thus, external users must be able to connect to your server directly. Apart from that, there are the notifications that the server need to send to the external users to inform them they have messages.

You might need to add a Mail Route for redirecting that email (notification) which is generated by the server.
The other "regular" emails are sent by the Mail Proxy.

See the introduction from this article:
HOW TO: Use Mail Proxies with PGP Universal Server

Have a look at these articles, they will probably help:

Managing Mail Routes on Symantec Encryption Management Server (formerly PGP Universal Server)

Troubleshooting emails notifications from PGP Universal Server

Troubleshooting: PGP Messaging


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Hi thanks for response

But I want achive  that all email go over brightmail.

PDF secure reroute fine, but secure email doesn't go this patch despite that routing email  is set.

My question is how force secure email in email flow. Routing is establish correct because pdf secure incoming to recipent.

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Hi Przemek,

In this case I'm not sure I fully understand the question.

If by secure email you mean the messages in Web Messenger, that will not be possible, simply because they never leave the server (only the notifications of new message). The external user must login to the server's webpage to read and send email.
You need to have the "https://keys.domain:port (default is 443)" accessible for the external user.

If by secure email you mean the "normal" encrypted email, then you need to configure the Mail Proxies.
With this configuration prefer having two connectors, one inbound and one outbound connector, because this will give clear communication paths to configure the environment.


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Thanks for help
I found mistake in my config! When changing email routing because in one of rule outgoing was that encrypt emaile route to Universal server when subject contain sec .
invitation email from web Secure has subject Symantec Encryption Secured Message an for this was problem. In my opinion main problem by conditional forwarding is good built rule prevent loop incoming and outgoing.
And default route working fine!!