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Unix software inventory 'aex-swscan.bin' is consuming large amounts of cpu

Created: 19 Dec 2012

We have continual reports and monitoring Alerts on UNIX and Linux clients running the software inventory policy (aex-swscan.bin). We're currently running this on an SMP 7.1 SP2 (R4) system (while MP1.1 is still under test)

This is over and above the existing KB article on this issue below which is not the cause or solution in this case.

The policies are defined as 'very low' resource and I do understand that if the client computer is idle the task will use up the available resource until a higher priority process kicks in. We have also not changed the NICE\priotity settings from SMP default and all the usual filesystems, folder structures and files are exempted in the policy.

The real issue is that the aex-swscan.bin process consumes 100% of the CPU resource for long periods of time and it is difficult to tell if it is, or is not, blocking other higher priority processes when they kick-in. It also makes it difficult for our monitoring agents to tell if this is acceptable or is masking an actual 'runaway' process.

Any ideas, agent or invenotry plug-in fixes for this?



According to the strace, it has a problem with some of the filenames containing what appear to be foreign characters.

It also could have been due to file corruption on that file system.