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Unmanaged client is not updating virus definitions automatically

Created: 17 Feb 2014 | 10 comments

Hi everybody,

    We have a SEPM 12.1.3001 installed in windows server 2008 R2.  I extract two client packages ( one for managed client and another for unmanaged clients ) .   

1.   Managed client version is installed in all client systems in LAN ,they get updates from SEPM server .

2.   unmanaged client version is installed for laptop users , users want SEP to update virus definitions automatically from internet so i have made changes in liveupdate to automatically download definitions from internet . 

But the laptop is not updating antivirus automatically . i dont want to run liveupdate for downloading virus definitons.

so provide me help to solve the issue

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What happend when you run Live update Tab ?

Did you try select I do not use a proxy server for HTTP or HTTPS.

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it is connecting to liveupdate server and downloading updates.there is no problem with updating manually through liveupdate .

But the user don't want to manually run live update . he is using laptop with 3G datacard for internet

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Please select I do not use a proxy server for HTTP or HTTPS and check sep client automatic update or not.

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hi james ,

   i have changed the settings to " I do not use a proxy server for HTTP or HTTPS ".

i have taken the client management log from SEP client . so find the attachment 

SEP logs.jpg
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See mithun comments

 if they are UnManaged, the Symantec Endpoint Protection clients have the Following:

1) Liveupdate Button: Providing the Users a full control when to download the Definitions.

2) By Default, the Liveupdate also runs itself automatically as shown below

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Open the SEP UI, Navigate to Client Management, LiveUpdate tab, and change Frequency and Time to (for testing only), every four (4) hours. Check back on the endpoint every four (4) hours to see what happens. As this is an unmanaged endpoint - the client control is on the user - to do whatever he/she pleases as all options are unlocked. Post back your findings.
NOTE: I equally concur with following Mithun advice and recommendation. He is a SME and I follow his advice and recommendations regularly.

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Mohamed this is more likely a proxy issue.when connected to your corporate network

You need to set the correct proxy settings in IE, quite possible that your firewall is blocking the connection or resetting the connection to symantec server

chek if you are able to access these sites from IE

I see that you have Photon Plus, remove the disconnect from Lan and run via Photon, It wil work without any issue :) 

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hi rafeeq ,

      we are not using corporate lan n/w . This laptop is for home users so they use their datacard or home BSNL modems.  i am sure the proxy scripts and proxy address are disabled in internet explorer settings.

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SEP will just use the browser settings to connect. Can you get browse out to the Internet successfully?

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