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Unmount a given PGPdisk by command line

Created: 18 Mar 2012 • Updated: 22 Mar 2012 | 4 comments
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How to create a batch file and a hotkey to unmount a given PGPdisk?

PGPDesktop already have a hotkey to unmount all mounted disks. This solution has two undesired issues:
1 - it needs to load PGPtray and PGP services
2 - it unmounts ALL open disks

But the challenger is to unmount just only one disk, the one I want. I searched for PGP command line options but nothing about unmount tasks.

If I click on a disk, the context menu offers the unmount option click, without any service or PGPtray already loaded. But I don't know what is inside of that context menu option to allow me create a batch file and, later, a hotkey.

Anybody knows?

My PGPDesktop is 10.1.0 and Windows XP SP3


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There is no pgp command to perform that action. Perhaps you can achieve this using mountvol cmd command, run mountvol /? for more information.

After you mount encypted volume, PGP should prompt for passphrase. In that case it needs to load PGPtray and PGP services always, otherwise you will see raw data.

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Thank you, Julian_M for your comment.

I think I'm missing something here. When I mount my PGD volumes, PGP prompts for passphrase, but PGPtray and PGP services won't load at all. My PGD file becomes a new letter (volume) on Explorer and that's all.

I tryed to use mountvol cmd command, but I could not understand how to apply it to a single file. It seems that it requests a "mounting point" as a device, like the entire C or D volume.



is C:\

How to use that to a single file? And which the parameter for unmount?
/D Remove the volume point
/L List the name

indecision (confused)

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I thought you were working with physical usb fault.

You mean pgp virtual volumes right?

In that case, windows threat volume as physical.

Lets say you create pgp virtual disk on E:

You can access from My computer.

If you shutdown services, you still are able to access (I could)

if you run mountvol E: /D , disk will be unmounted, and cannot be accessed....however it will still show Mounted in PGP.

PGP does not offer any command to unmount the virtual disk. This is coded into the SDK.

You can also "graphically" automate the action using AutoHotKey, thought.

I hope that helps...

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Yes, Julian_M, I mean PGP virtual volume and Windows threats volume as physical.

And your suggestion worked!laugh

Thank you very much! That's what I was looking for!

mountvol e: /d

But, for our information, to mount and unmount my physical volumes I do not need to load PGP tray neither PGP services. I mount them double-clicking on the PGD file and unmount right-clicking on the mounted volume, choosing PGP desktop/Unmount disk (context menu). Or, using your suggestion, now. Never need to load any service ou tray app.

Thread solved!