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The unveiling of Symantec Connect...

Created: 17 Feb 2009 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 1 comment

Coming  March 1st... We'reexcited to announce the release of SymantecConnect.This new community enables you to find & share technicalinformation and to connect with all of your product peers globally.  Itwill combine  and replace the current Symantec  communities namely STN,Altiris Juice, and theAltiris Tech Support forums

To make the sites easier to navigate, we've established fivedifferent community areas, based on our product technologies. So if you are a BE/BESR/NBU/ EV/ SPN product user, Backup andArchiving community would be your ultimate destination.

Real-world users of Symantec products (like you!) willprovide some of the best solutions to technical challenges through blogs,forums, videos, downloads and articles. When you participate in the communityyou can earn both fame and points, and you can redeem participation points forsome great prizes and your lifetime points earn you status levels on the site.

Do you love your current community? Don't worry, All of thevaluable content that you currently enjoy on your community will be migrated tothe new community. You'll notice the change, but you should be able to accessthe site without any problem. If you've logged in to STN, the Altiris SupportForums, or The Juice in the past couple of months, your account has alreadybeen migrated. If you haven't, creating your new account will happenautomatically when you log in. If you have bookmarked any of the current STNURL's, just stay cool and follow through the redirects to reset them.

I look forward to continue connecting with all you all on the new community site.Please feel free to send me your questions and comments

Swathi Turlapaty

Community Manager (Backup and Archiving)

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