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Unwanted Decryption

Created: 26 Feb 2013 | 4 comments

Hello. So here is the scenario. We installed PGP and using an Admin account we create the frst user and encrypt the drive. After we have another user log in it asks for their credentials to add them to the list. This all goes well. However after that user is then added PGP begins to decrypt the drive? This is where the problem is. I would like to know the reason why it is doing this and or IF there is anyway to prevent it from decrypting the drive? One thing I thought would be the issue is when we went to add a new user we selected the use windows credentials instead of create new user. Currently the practice has been to just let the drive decrypt the re-encrypt the drive after. This is more time consuming than I would like. I am currently waiting for another computer to finish imaging and I am going to try that different way of creating a new user. Any info you can send my way would be appreciated. Thank You.

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I'm thinking the problem may be that the second user is not entering the PGP license, and that therefore the PGP software is being treated as a Freeware install (which disables WDE, and therefore starts the WDE decryption). 

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Thank you for your response. There was never the option to enter the PGP license. I am getting the software off of our server installing it then the updating it. Both ask for the computer to be rebooted after they have installed. After the reboot a credentials screen pops up to enroll with PGP. After you put in the valid credentials going off of the use Windows Password option (the Create New Passphrase option is grey) it automatically begins to encrypt. Which is expected I am told. After it has completely encrypted the hard drive we have whom ever the other user is log on the same enrollment screen populates they enter their credentials then instead of auto encrypting it decrypts everything the last user just encrypted. This is the issue. Both Accounts that I tried using were accounts with full admin rights not sure if that would make any difference? Not sure if it will be of any use but the Software I am using is PGPDesktop64_en-US and the Update I am installing is PGPDesktopWin64-10.2.0MP5

I truly Do appreciate your response. I am very new to this encryption program and this is my first go using it. So Thank You For taking the time to help.

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Can you check the encryption policies of both the users? Are they in different groups?

Did you manually encrypt the drive using the first user and the second user has automatic encryption enabled?

What version of PGP are you using?

I would very highly recommend switching to 10.3

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I agree with viabhav on on the upgrade suggestion to 10.3.0. It might be helpful if you can provide input on what the consumer policy settings look like for Drive Encryption (WDE) for both users. I suspect that maybe one of the policies has an option preventing the users from manually encrypting? Or maybe auto-encrypt is not enabled for the second user or something? That is certainly strange behavior though. What version of Universal Server do you have? I would make sure that it matches at least 3.2.0 series since you are deploying 10.2.0 MP5 clients (it sounds like that is the case).

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