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Update Agent policy/task not showing up

Created: 31 Jan 2013 | 7 comments
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I have the software update agent and upgrade policies enabled and I have some machines that still have not received it.  I looked into it and on the machines that are missing it and they do show that the policy applies to them but at the agent level the policy is not showing up in the list.  I deleted my policy xml files locally thinking maybe it had been corrupted but still no luck.  Anyone seen this before?

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Hi SonicGT,

Could you please clarify some details?

What version of Patch Management Solution are you using?
Have you checked Software Delivery tab from affected SMA, when expired packages are shown(Open Software Delivery tab, expand Options pane, enable checkbox to show expired packages)? Policy might been disabled by some reason...
Are these policies configured to be executed(scheduled, defined to be executed ASAP or by user)? If it is possible, could you please also provide screenshot of this policy from NS?


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We are on 7.1 SP2 MP1

I did check to see for expired thinking it may have run and disabled even though it didn't install and don't see it.  I have the check box set for run asap, as well as a schedule of every two weeks right now.

Here are screenshots of the policy and agent on a machine that is not getting it, it does appear that systems I am migrating from 6 to 7.1 are getting it via the upgrade task, and perhaps just the fresh install isn't working

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Hi SonicGT,

To sum up: Affected machine exists in the list of targeted computers of "Software Update Plug-in Install (Workstations)" policy, but it has never received this policy.

Is there at least one machine in your environment, that has successfully received and executed same policy?
Does affected machine receive other policies at same time?
Is Symantec Management Agent on affected machines upgraded to the latest available version?


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I'm having these same issues.  Same exact symptoms , etc.  I've tried several things and have a case open now.

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I am seeing this issue as well, Jason, have you received a solution yet from support?  However it's only happening on about 1/3 of my systems, and it is also happening on a few of my xp systems.  I'm wondering if a complete clean of the agent and reinstall would fix the issue and allow patch to work properly.  It seems the agent is going to sleep and unable to respond until we restart the service,  force configuration update and send basic inventory, then force patch inventory and patch cycle. 

All I can say is it's not designed to work this way and shouldn't be this difficult to get it to work properly.

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Suspecting Software update plug-in install policy ... this will be delivered first to the system kindly check the following steps.

1. Disable SMP service on client

2. Clear Policy .XML file

3. Delete the System from NS

4. Start the service on client and send Basic inventory and check for policy


Prasanna R

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Kindly uncheck the ASAP option and check again....

bcoz as a best practice you can run the ASAP only one time....