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Update Distribution Points Immediate?

Created: 29 Jul 2013 • Updated: 01 Aug 2013 | 7 comments
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I'm running Software Management Solution on SMP 7.1 SP2 MP1.  I have an existing software delivery package where I needed to update one of the source files.  If I go to Manage->Software in the SMC, navigate to the Package tab then right-click the package and have it Update Distribution Points, is this action supposed to be immediate or am I waiting for my next Package Refresh cycle to occur?

I would expect the file in the package's folder in my Software Library should get updated but it hasn't changed after opting to update distribution points.  If this action isn't immediate, is there a way to make it so on demand for those s/w delivery jobs which you need to push out right away?

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Have you tried hitting Update Configuration on your package servers and/or clients yet?  Usually, for me, I can update a package and within a couple of minutes the clients will see that the codebase has changed.  However, the clients will check in on their regular schedule and not see that there's a change until they phone home on schedule.

You could use a task to tell the client to check for new policies, I suppose.

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I tried Update Configuration earlier this morning but still no change.  Actually, I currently have the software management policy disabled.  Would this affect my code change at the source location to NOT update the Software Library on my SMP server?  You'd think policy status and package refresh are two separate processes but you never know.


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Having the policy disabled shouldn't affect it.  Hitting Update Distribution Points should be enough for the SMP to interrogate the source file location and rehash everything and generate a new package .xml.

I haven't encountered the exact same problem that you've encountered but I have been to hell and back in the past with stale codebases.  Following the instructions in this guide have always resolved the problems for me:

And this query will help you find packages that are not in a ready state:


vi.[Name] AS 'Package Server'

,ps.[Status] AS 'Status'

,pack.[Package Version]

,ps.[PackageId] AS 'Package Guid'

,pack.[Name] AS 'Package Name'

FROM SWDPackageServer ps

JOIN vItem vi

ON vi.[guid] = ps.[PkgSvrId]

JOIN SWDPackage pack

ON pack.[PackageId] = ps.[PackageId]

AND pack.[_Latest] = 1

WHERE ps.[Status] != 'Ready'

ORDER BY vi.[Name], ps.[Status]

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When you select Update Distribution Points on a software package, it sets a flag so that the Package Server will know to pull the latest files when it checks in.
Your package servers will update their codebase on the agent check in schedule. If your Site Server policy is set to check in every hour, it could take up to an hour before the files start to download to the Package Server.
To speed this process up you could create a task to force an Update Configuration request as an adhoc task.

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Yes...updating the distribution points should refresh the package servers but think my problem occurs prior to this process.  When creating a s/w mgmt policy, you're specifying the source of your installer files after which it creates a folder with a GUID name in the Software Library share containing the identical install files.  Now I want to change a file in the source location and expected it to replicate to the Software Library on my SMP server but this isn't happening.


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I'm afraid I had a misunderstanding of the process to go from your source directory to software library to package servers.  I had the misconception that updating a file(s) in the source directory automatically updated the software library but this isn't the case.  Once you select the contents for your package, it simply copies the files from your source directory to the software library so it's not like there's a process that periodically refreshes the software library if you change stuff in the source directory.

What I ended up doing was to edit the package, delete its "contents" then add the same source directory again which sees the latest files in the folder.  I also had to specify my desired Installation File since I had added a second batch file into the folder.  After the hourly policy update occurred, I saw that the modified file and additional batch file got replicated from my software library to my package server as expected!

Sorry, maybe I confused you guys into thinking that the replication wasn't occurring between my software library and package server where I was instead questioning the flow from my source directory to the software library (i.e. there's no active connection between the two once your package is created in the software library).  As Homer Simpson would say...DOH.


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Cool.  If your issue is resolved mark your post as your Solution.