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Update downloading fails

Created: 06 Apr 2008 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 3 comments
I have LUA 2.1 installed on a server, however the bandwidth to this office is so low, that the update fails.  Every time.  
Is there a way to download the updates manually?   Then i can burn them on CD and put them on this server.  
The smaller updates wont be a problem, its only the initial download (375 mb)  it cant handle that.  It only gets 50 % and then fails. 
Let me know. 

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Is the failure point during the download from Symantec or the distribution to your distribution center locations?
You can choose to manually download/distribute as opposed to scheduling the same. Depending on how you have set up your environment, you can install LUA on one computer, download and distribute to the distribution center location onthe same computer, then copy the contents of the distribution center location to external media and setup another LiveUpdate server elsewhere.
We've had many customers ask for bandwidth throttling and we expect to provide a solution in the near future.
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Is there a way of downloading the LU updates without using LiveUpdate?  Such as from an FTP server?  Can you provide an address?


I have a similar problem where I want to use LiveUpdate on a network that is wholly disconnected from the internet.  And due to corporate policy I can't install LiveUpdate on the internet-connected network machines.  

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Hi johnmars


That is the purpose of LiveUpdate Administrator. You install it in one location in your company, it connects to internet and download the contents and distributes to machines in your intranet. Rest of the clients in your comany will get the contents from these local machines in intranet and not internet. 


Hope this info is useful