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Update Existing Preboot Drivers - SMP 7.1 & Dell Optiplex 390

Created: 03 Aug 2012

PXE booting Dell Optiplex 390 fails to properly load NIC drivers - error is:
Validating network connection <validation criteria = -169.254>
Restarting DHCP client service: retry 1...
Restarting DHCP client service: retry 2...
Restarting DHCP client service: retry 3...

PC Requires RealTek PCI Gigabit Ethernet drivers (NETRTX32)

Unable to add Dell provided Vista drivers via SMP 7.1 Preboot process:
SMP 7.1 errors out - after several attempts it will eventually copy to \\SMP-SERVER\Deployment\Task Handler\bootwiz\Platforms\Winpe2\x86\Drivers\CUSTOM\Drivers - but it has no effect on PXE booting.

 1. Placed Dell provided drivers on USB flash disk
 2. Booted into PXE with flash drive attached
 3. 'Broke' out of  WinPE startup (Restarting DHCP client service: retry 1…) via CTRL-C
 4. Followed steps outlined here to load test drivers
     a. Verified drivers work / resolve the issue
 5. Checked \\SMP-SERVER\Deployment\Task Handler\bootwiz\Platforms\Winpe2\x86\Drivers\STD\Drivers
     a. Found pre-existing NETRTX32 driver
     b. Verified existing driver was the same - merely an earlier version of driver needed.
 1. From the SMP 7.1 Server
     a. Copy existing \\SMP-SERVER\Deployment\Task Handler\bootwiz\Platforms\Winpe2\x86\Drivers\CUSTOM\Drivers\NETRTX32 folder elsewhere (for back out reasons only)
     b. Replace existing NETRTX32 driver files with new(er) files
 2. From the SMP 7.1 Console
     a. Navigate to Settings - Deployment and Migration - Drivers - BDC WinPE Drivers(x86)
     b. Click Update Distribution Points button
 3. From the Site Server's Symantec Management Agent Settings
     a. Click the Configuration Update Button
     b. Wait / Verify the BDC WinPE Drivers(x86) package updates
 4. From the SMP 7.1 console
     a. Navigate to Settings - Deployment and Migration - Symantec Boot Services (PXE) - Preboot Configurations
     b. Regenerate necessary Preboot Configurations
 5. From the Site Server
     a. Open Symantec Management Agent Settings
     b. Click the Configuration Update Button
     c. Open Task Manager - BootWiz should appear… Wait for it to complete
     d. Optional - From the Site Server, clear / reset the SBS store.
         Note - I have a script for this task, which is as below:
         SC STOP _Symantec_netBoot_Mtftp
         SC STOP _Symantec_netBoot_NSiSignal
         PING -n 15 -w 15000 >NUL
         SC STOP _Symantec_netBoot_Server
         PING -n 15 -w 15000 >NUL
         SC STOP _Symantec_netBoot_Interface
         PING -n 15 -w 15000 >NUL
         DEL /Q /F "\\localhost\Deployment\Task Handler\SBS\SBSStore\*.*"
         SC START _Symantec_netBoot_Interface
         SC START _Symantec_netBoot_Server
         SC START _Symantec_netBoot_NSiSignal
         SC START _Symantec_netBoot_Mtftp
         PING -n 90 -w 15000 >NUL

 6. PXE boot Optiplex 390 - issue resolved! yes