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Update license count for endpoints.

Created: 13 Aug 2012 | 4 comments

Hello. I was looking for a pointer in the right direction. Soon we will be updating our Symantec Management Agent licenses from what we already have.

Would I update this in the SIM?

Also another question, can i just add an additional license file there to bring the count up to say..250

or do i need one license file that has all our 250 licenses combined.

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Zac H's picture

Yes, you'll update it in the SIM.

And you will also need to get the licenses combined.  Apparently it can be done via the licensing portal, but I've never had success doing it.  The last two times we've uppped out license count, it required the coordination of a ridiculous amount of people on Symantec's side to get it working.

network101's picture

Thanks for the reply.

I never expected it would be straight forward.

KSchroeder's picture

We've renewed and updated licenses many times. The licensing portal is better now than it was,but is still not so friendly with legacy Altiris. As long as you register the serial numbers and can see your old ones in the portal currently you should be ok.

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This is also a great little application to clean up expired licenses without using MMC.  It is quick and easy.

Mark Warmack

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