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Update Linux backup agent

Created: 30 Oct 2013 • Updated: 31 Oct 2013 | 3 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

I have a linux box that was being backed up with BE 2010.   I moved it to be backed up with BE 2012.

It went ok last night just complaining about needing the latest agent.

I saw a quick article yesterday about using WinSCP to move the agent to the linux box etc. 

If I remember right it mentioned have the CD ?   Is there way to get the agent out of the BE install on the server? 

Of course this is a client that either we did leave the media on it or they did not.

So since I know you can push out to the servers the agents are on there somewhere?



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Hello, I am not very familiar with RALUS but take a look and see if this document helps: RALUS (Remote Agent for Linux & Unix Servers) installer

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For the base installer you need the CD or its accoding ISO as linked by Imosla, the hotfixes are found on the media server install folder under Agents (they are cumulative as far as I got confirmed by Symantec support) so only pick the latest one and copy the over to the Linux box  - using (Win)SCP or  whatever protocol your server suports.

Then extract both archives separately, first execute the installer in RALUS_RMALS... then then install the ralus patch. I haven't done RALUS major updates yet, possibly uninstall the old RALUS for BE2010 first?

Remote pushing like with RAWS is not possible with RALUS for what I know or have read so far.

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Thanks for the help ..

I found the media and went by the tech. article and it all went well.

Got a clean backup today.