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Update policy report

Created: 24 Sep 2012 | 2 comments

Hi, i need some help on how to generate a report showing the status of a update policy.

I have created a software update policy in Patch Remediation Center and rollout to a group of servers (50 servers). After the rollout, I need a report to show the list of the 50 servers showing the "Installed", "Vulerable" and "Restart Pending" status, based on the update policy that was created. Purpose of having this report, is to see know that for the particular update policy, which are the servers having problem and which servers completed the patch installation.

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Hello seanhwee,

Probably 'Policy execution by computer' report may be useful for you:
1. Navigate to Reports > Software > Patch Management > Remediation Status > 'Windows Software Update Delivery - Details' report
This report shows status (installed/not installed) for each applicable update delivered to clients
2. Right click on any update from 'Windows Software Update Delivery - Details' report and select 'View Complete installations' or 'View Incomplete installations' - 'Policy execution by computer' report will be opened.
This report shows installation activity for the last 24 hours. If you need to understand the reason why some update has not been installed this report may show you status of software update execution.

Best regrads,

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Hi Roman, appreciate your reply on this. I saw that report as well but I am checking if there is a way to generate a report based on the policy that I created. The report you mentioned shows the different "software update" which contain other updates which was not in the policy. For example the recent windows bulletin had 30+ software updates on that and I will need to click and print 30+ reports for that. If there is a way to generate based on the policy created it will be easier to read.