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Update of "Shockwave Player" after Firefox capture

Created: 26 Dec 2008 • Updated: 29 Jul 2010 | 2 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

First, I did this on three different machines running XP Pro SP3.

The real goal here was not to just update the player, but gain a better understanding of how SVS works. All machines are backed up with an image on network drives, so if the worst case happens, recover via the image.

There are two files that would normally get installed during a conventional installation with Firefox not in a layered environment.

These two files go into the Firefox plugins directory.

From reading the manual and if I understand it correctly the best way would be to manually drop these two files in the read only section of the fslrdr directory. But if you have not run the installer, one would not have them.

This is where things got a little messy. Executing the Shockwave installer with Firefox active, the two files went into the plugins directory, but were not and would not be part of the layer.

The rest of the files for the shockwave player went into this path C:\windows\system32\adobe. There they got split into director, shockwave 11, and a subdirectory of shockwave 11 named extras.

Three machines running the same OS and three different results. I should have made notes because it is hard to remember what I did exactly trying to install the player. I am pretty sure on machine number two and three deactivated Firefox and captured the shockwave player. The wrong thing to do.

Machine number one worked fine. Except if one were to deactivate Firefox, the plugins subdirectory became part of the system and not the layer. All the rest worked fine. While the layer was inactive I deleted the files and directories for Firefox.

Then turned on the layer. Not sure why these files get installed in Firefox because the player works without them.

Machine number two exhibited some unusual behavior whether the layer was activated or not. While activated, the file Dynaplayer.dll had it's name changed to a short name. Then returned to the long name when the Firefox layer was inactive. Also another file SwHelper_1103471.exe got changed to a shortname in the same fashion.

Machine number three had two files SwHelper_1103471.exe and the same file with the short name displayed at the same time while the Firefox layer was active and returned only to the original file while inactive. The Dynaplayer.dll just switched back and forth between its long name and short name.

Looked in the fslrdr directory and found some entries for these two files that occurred during the capture of the installer for the player. Do not understand why only these two files as there were many more.

Decided to delete the Firefox layer on all three machines. Uninstalled the player. Installed the player again. Did a capture of Firefox and all was well on machine number one. This one actually worked ok, but I needed to see how consistently this procedure worked.

Machine number two lost its profile under application data. Since this was never part of the capture, not sure why this happened. Since I backed this up, it was not a problem to recover the lost profile.

Did the same thing to machine number three. No issues here either.

Sorry for the long note, but I am still trying to learn the SVS software and no better way then to make mistakes and learn from them.

My question is what is the best procedure for installing a plugin such as this one? I found that it would probably be best to turn off the Firefox layer, install the player software and then turn the layer back on. If one really needed the two files for the Firefox directory, would it be best to just create a temporary directory structure of Mozilla Firefox\plugins directories to retrieve the two files during the install with the layer off and then move them to the read-only layer and delete these temp directories? Seems like a little more work than usual, but I can not see a way around it at this juncture.

Thanks and have a Happy New Year,


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philbenson's picture

Hi Jerry,

the problem with the profiles in FF, is that they are created in a dynamic user specific directory, and therefore you cannot just do a normal capture. The same applies to any plugins, as the various settings etc. are also user specific.

Normally, you overwrite the default files that are used as a base for creating the user specific ones dynamically.

here is a link that will help you further... Click-Me

It goes through the motions of creating a silent installation of FF, with certain settings as default. IT should help you get further.



Gerald Rozner's picture

Many thanks Phil for the prompt response. Took a look at your link and I am going to try this on one of my machines. I have never had my profile overwritten on any installation before. Not sure how it happened. FF usually ignores a profile if it already exists and this has been my experience ever since I have been using FF.

The plugin problem was caused by my inexperience and not thinking through how I should go about it. Just installing the plugin in the normal fashion with the FF layer on or off works fine. With the layer on it leaves two files as I described in the FF plugin directory. But for whatever reason, they are not needed for the shockwave player to work. I just tried it last night again. Turned the FF layer off after the install of the plugin and deleted the plugin subdirectory and Mozilla Firefox directory (they are still visible with the layer off). Turned the layer back on and everything worked fine.

In the article you referenced, he mentioned that he had problems with the addons or extensions. I have several of these for adblocking, weather, Dr Web, and network tweaker. No problem with them working after a FF capture. Not sure why he had problems. Only if he had happen like I did with the whole profile either deleted or overwritten. I have tried this about four or five times now on the three machines and it only happened once. Very strange.

Integrating the profile in the FF capture is a good thing for distributions to other machines. I have four at my home on my network. Three of them are for my use. So, having the same profile with the addons for each machine would be a benefit.

Have a great day,