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Update Text box with variable from drop down

Created: 01 Aug 2014 | 1 comment



I have a form where a user has a drop down menu that is generated from a sql query.  Based on whatever the user chooses, i would like to update another text box from the same query but different column and have it display in real time. For example, a user chooses Adobe Reader to download, but has a price, i woudl like the price field to update and display when the user chooses Adobe Reader.  I have 1 query that pulls all the information for the applicatoin, and i also have another query that will only pull the price of the app.

How do i have workflow auto update and display the app, relative to the selection in the drop down?

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I'd use an ajax label component. It has an embedded model to determine what text to display in the label, so that would be a good time to run the second component (to get price) based on the value of your drop down under the "ThisFormData" collection. I believe you will need to set the drop down itself to "Post Form on Value Change".


As an aside, if you are already pulling on the information for the data row, why do you need the second query? You could just pull that originally, and use the ajax label model to find the correct price to display. That should be a hair faster.

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