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Updated to PGP Universal Server 3.2.0 - how to create PGP Desktop 10.2 install file?

Created: 29 Feb 2012 | 12 comments

Hi All,

I've just recently updated our PGP Server to version 3.2.0

In our old version I recall somehow creating an auto install package from the PGP Universal Server for PGP Desktop.

My question is how do I go about creating an install package for PGP Desktop 10.2 from the PGP Universal Server? (PGP Universal Server is used only for Whole Disk Encryption - I need to be able to manage the clients from the PGP Universal Server).

Thanks in advance :)

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log on to the Universal Server and go to register Consumers

On the bottom of this site you have the button Download Client ...

Just choose your OS, language and click customize, to preconfigure the client.

Click Download - That's it.

Best regards,


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Hi Michael,

Many thanks for the reply.

I found the option within the Universal Server and have downloaded the client. However when I run the setup on an unencrypted laptop it is prompting me for a licence key?

Any ideas?


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Do you have preconfigured the downloaded client as described ?

Which setting is used in policy group ? auto-detect or preset option ?
The policy group has a valid license in it's consumer policy ?

Since Universal Server 3.x you should use Use Default in Consumer Policy Licensing.

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Hi Michael,

Under Consumer Policy - Default Consumer Policy - PGP Desktop - Client Licensing -> it looks as though I am licensed for PGP Desktop 9.5+

I can see the licensee count is 40 (for PGP Desktop 9.5) and the licensee name & organisation.

If I click Use Default I am prompted with a warning message. Is it ok to proceed with this as I don't want to have problems with licensing going forward as we may deploy PGP Desktop 10.2 to more clients?

Thanks again for all your help with this.

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if you want to deploy PGP Desktop 10.2 you have to use default license in the policy.

You should create a seperat consumer policy for you WDE Clients, by default the licensing is changed then. Within the policy verify that only WDE funcionality is activated. Licensing is done in Server tab License for the whole server.

You should have the same License key for the 3.2 server and you WDE license.
Please verify first.

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Under Client Licensing - for PGP Desktop next to Options it has listed Whole Disk, Enterprise

Does this verify that only WDE funtionality is activated?


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Thanks - so I should be ok to change that option to Use Default?

We have a number of clients currently running PGP Desktop 9.x. Will this change have any impact on the licensing on these clients?

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I've changed the Licence to Use Default. It prompted me to log back into PGP Universal Server.

When I try to download the client now and click Download nothing happens. Any ideas?

Sorry for all the questions.

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I guess that a screenshoot Under Consumer Policy - Default Consumer Policy - PGP Desktop - Client Licensing will help.

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I think what you need to do is, when you hit download, make sure that the "customize" is properly entered correctly. PGP UN doesn't automatically point it to the Univeresal Server, if your client continues to prompt for a license, does it at least prompt for the enrollment? Or does it go straight to the licensing portion of it. You might want to try and turn on/off silent enrollment, this could be causing an issue with contacting the PGP server first, to get the license information.