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updating catalogs vm still slow after backupexec 2012 sp2

Created: 31 Jul 2013 | 3 comments
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good morning,

 we were suffering the problem of sloooooow vm grt backups due to slow catalog update.

upgraded to sp2, way better but still takes TOO much time to take full backup of, for example, 300 GB windows vm fileserver with classic office automation files!

vm backup is just a breeeze, fast (4500MB/min and better)! and the rest of the time is lost waiting for catalog update at the end!

do already all the stuff, cleaned and recreated the catalog, the dedup disk, hw performance are excellent...but i am waisting my time and eyes watching the forever updating job details about files being catalog updated...

there will be any decent solution?

thank you.

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With SP2 just out I'd recommend you log a support case with SYmantec around this...also check the Known Issues section to see if this is already acknowledged with Symantec.


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Let me be the next to say that the fix in Backup Exec 2012 SP2 for the updating catalogs is not working.

Live Update shows no updates available and Installed Updates shows "Service Pack 2"

I am backing up to Deduplicated Storage

Have uninstalled and pushed out all agents. The backup runs very quickly until it gets to the Updating Catalogs stage then runs for a few more hours. 1 hour backup to about 3 or 4 of catalogs. There is no way in the logs to determine how much time is spent doing catalogs, so you have to watch it do its thing. My backups start at around 3500KB/Min then go down to the hundreds or even below a hundred while it does the catalogs as this is an average.

Not running GRT is not an option as this is why we sell and recommend the product. One backup to do whole VM or granular. Not doing GRT would be like going back years when we used to do Full Mail store backups and "Brick Level" backups for Exchange, so please do not suggest. Non-GRT backups run fine.

I will escalate, but if your developer are sitting back thinking they fixed it, they have not. 

The known issues link doesn't list anything under deduplication option filter and I'm not about to scroll though 67 Pages with no search function or ability to filter by Product version E.g. 2012 SP2. If nobody is using this (The me Too button) then the reason is probably due to the less than thought out UI.

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...I'd suggest checking the stickies on the main BE forum page and add this into the SP2 announcement...your comments are going to going to get lost here.


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