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Updating Media Server R_Linux 64 bit Problem?

Created: 25 Apr 2013 • Updated: 25 Apr 2013 | 6 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.


i have installed only Server NB 7.1 R_Linux 64 bit As Media Server

then i am updating to  NB , and i am reading the that its dependencies are 


     -- NB_CLT_7.1.0.4.tar must be installed before this 
        Maintenance Release is installed.

     -- Installation of this requires version of the
        NB_update.install script.

i have downloaded  NB7.1.0.4 R_Linux 64 bit Server, now downloading CLT package also.

My question is ? to INSTALL Media server  we also need CLIENT PACKAGE as clear from document above, but for Only NB 7.1 Media Server do we need Client Package to install? 

I have already installed NB 7.1 R_lINUX Server as Media server, and it not asked for Client Package, but when upgrading to patch NB it is asking for First install the NB CLT  package

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Unzip both packes to same directory, then run install. It will install both packages as one is a prerequisite for the other.

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my question is when i will install(untar )CLT will it ask for CLT 7.1?

As when i installed NB CLT 7.1 server as Media server , it didnot ask for CLT 7.1

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You need to untar both Server and Client patches in the same folder and then start patch install.

It will not ask for CLT7.1 as those binaries were installed along with server binaries.

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thanks Marriane

thats i want to clear ,that CLT 7.1 binaries automatically installed with NB 7.1 server.

beacuse i am going to install now at one of our customer the patch NB7.1.0.4 ,and he has downloaded the NB CLT patches , but asking to me will i install NB CLT 7.1 also , thats making me doubtful.

now its clear

thanks for jean also, i know that we have to untar both NB AND CLIENT PACKAGES to same folder then start patch install, 

but i donot know that NB 7.1 server has already have by default CLT 7.1 binaries

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When you have time, go through the NBU Installation Guide for UNIX and Linux

If customer wants additional Unix agents on the master, such as Solaris, AIX, HP-UX so that he can push-install or upgrade from the master, you can install the additional client binaries on the master before installing the patch. 
All Linux client binaries are already on the master under /usr/openv/netbackup/client/Linux. 

Details in above Installation Guide.

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FYI, as you can push software from media server too, media server installs also Unix client software .