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Updating Virus Definition File for Client Computers

Created: 21 Oct 2008 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 4 comments

I have a Windows 2003 Server (e.g. Server) which was setup by my ex-colleague that


is major for updating the Virus Definition File for Client Computers.


A new client computer should specific the parent computer (i.e. Server)


for centralized control during Symantec Anti-virus v10 Client Installation.


Recently, the server was down and I need to install a new server for replacement.


I don't know whether the previous system was making use of


Liveupdate Administration Utility or Symantec System Centre for updating.


I am now worry about all the clients are now pointing towards the previous server,


however, I tried both tools for immediate updating the Virus Definition File


but the definition for client computers still in version of 17 Oct 2008,


the date the server was down.


Should I need to reinstall client version of Symantec Anti-virus v10 for all clients?


Does anyone know how to update all the client computers


to the latest Virus Definition File?


Thank you very much!

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Todd Fitkin's picture

Hi Chris,


It sounds like you are using the SSC for SAV 10. Below is a document listing how to restore communications between client and server. If this doesn't work, I think the SAV forum would be the correct place to receive further assistance. 

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Thanks for your reply but the link you given doesn't work.


Could you please post a new link to me again?


Today, I just installed the Symantec Anti-virus Server and


also the Symanten System Centre Console to our server.


Made the server as a primary server and tried to look up my children (clients).


Definitely, I got nothing. I tried the "ClientRemote Install" and


installed the Symantec Anti-virus Client to a small portion of clients again.


I could find some clients under the list of primary server, however,


I checked some clients for the installation status of Symantec Anti-virus.


Most of them were good while


a little bit got missing program icons (i.e. point to missing path) and


the original Symantec Anti-virus Clients were removed without reinstalled a new copy,


however, got a good status under the list of Symantec System Centre.


I can tell what I did and what I got was better than nothing.


Does anyone have such experience?


Let's share here. Thank you very much!

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The URL doesn't open correctly. You can copy and paste the URL manually into your browser, or you can click HERE.


Hopefully this document will help.