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Updating WDE mac

Created: 16 Feb 2011 | 6 comments
r_c's picture

Hi all.

As I understand it, the built in software update option of PGP WDE mac is no more.

Can I be pointed to where I find out what the latest version is. Also, is there a mailing list to let me know when an update is released or do I have to check manually?



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mallardduck's picture

The list is unreliable (many didn't receive the 10.1.1 notification), and the download links are unavailable and broken since the Symantec transition (no ETA - see the other thread for details).

r_c's picture

I had no idea 10.1.1 was around till a I saw a forumpost mentioning it!

Thanks Mallardduck,


sapnho's picture

I have not received a mailing, nor is there an update function.. What a strange piece of software and confusing website.. help!

alalli's picture

Got snagged by the OS X update that this patch was to correct.  It would be very helpful if the software could update....

gacilu's picture

I have no idea how to download version 10.1.1. This website is extremely confusing and complex.

ChrisMac's picture

Symantec, if it is your intention to kill off this product, then kill it off and let us know. 

I need an update to the software I purchased & have a license for. So far, you have refused to answer e-mails, and insist I "call a partner" to get a software update that I once got automatically. I don't have time in my business to waste calling a partner, and I'm sure the partner doesn't have time to waste with a single-license customer.

The website is useless & runs you around in circles, refusing a valid license key as "not on file", telling you call a partner without offering any idea either who a partner might be.

If you did not know, you have a competitor now in another OSX FDE product, and 10.7 Lion promises FileVault will do whole-disk encryption.

There's also an issue here with you refusing to provide an update to a product that people have paid for and have a license that offered updates to a product. 

Get with the program, and take care of your customers, or cancel the product. This is already influencing my professional decisions on whether or not to purchase or renew Symantec products. I have plenty of other choices in the security world, Symantec. Since executives at the Cxx level more often use Macs, informing my clients I need to replace FDE software because Symantec's acquistion of PGP resulted in poor support is going to make them think twice about purchasing more products & services from Symantec no matter what I may say or argue to the contrary about what I like about Symantec products.

Either fix the auto-update system, or provide public web-links for software updates to OSX FDE ASAP. Software updates should not be a way to get a chance to try and get your customers to talk to sales representatives.

Either that, or provide free new licenses for the App Store so its auto-update function can update customers who purchased your software before the PGP acquisition.