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upgrade from 2007 to 10

Created: 30 Oct 2012 • Updated: 01 Nov 2012 | 10 comments
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I'm planing to perform an upgrade from 2007 to 10.
Exchange version is 2007 and SQL server is not local on EV server.
I have two questions regarding the process:
1. Should I upgrade to the latest version in any step? (2007 - 8.0 SP5 - 9.0.2 32 bit - 9.0.2 64 bit - 10.0.2)
2. Since EV server supports for outlook add in is one version backward, and i would like to wait few days between one upgrade to another - 
what will be the best way to do so without interrupt the end users? 
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Should I upgrade to the latest version in any step? (2007 - 8.0 SP5 - 9.0.2 32 bit - 9.0.2 64 bit - 10.0.2)

Refer to the below article for EV upgrade path

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If your environment do not have DA or CA installed then you can upgrade as you specified, i.e. from one version to another. If CA or DA is involved then it's a bit tricky and very specific to which service pack version you have to be at before you can upgrade to the next version. If not then, it's best practice to upgrade to the lastest service pack of a version whenever possible.

It's best practice that you should upgrade the EV client first before the server so that you can test it before depolying them to all users. Technically EV2007 client should work with EV9 or even EV10 server but should only be for testing purposes. So if you had to upgrade the server first then it should not be an issue. Try to upgrade the server and client at the same time (within a few days of each other) to keep server client consistancy and for troubleshooting purposes.

Hope that helps. 


Chau Tran


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oh, upgrading the client will also depend on what version of Outlook especially if you are using Outlook 2010 as this is dependant on the EV server version i.e. if you are using Outlook 2010 and your EV version is 9 below a certain service pack then you need a specific hotfix etc.


Chau Tran


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If you dont have Ca/Da in you enviornement Upgrade path should not be an issue. You may upgrade to 8sp5and then 9.0 and then 10 sp2 .

Upgrading the client is the tricky part here as it would affect the users.recommented is that the client version should be same as the EV server version . BSo if you have outlook add-in version 9.0 it would work with Ev server running 10 sp2 but there would be some functionality which would not work properly i.e virtual vault.So better if the outlook add-in version is same as the EV server.

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Hello - to upgrade EV you'd be looking at multiple stages...

1) In-place upgrade of EV 2007 to EV 8.0.5


2) In-place upgrade of EV 8.0.5 to EV 9.0.4 (32-bit).


3) Migration to 64-bit OS with EV 9.0.4 (64-bit)


4) In-place upgrade of EV 9.0.4 (64-bit) to EV 10.0.2

Alternatively you could use the Server Migration Wizard to move directly from EV 9.0.4 (32-bit) to EV 10.0.2.

The above is my take on things without knowing your environment in detail - you'd need to check SQL Server Requirements also.

In terms of client deployment you'd need to carefully check the compatability charts to determine the best client to use at each stage.

Hope the above helps.


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FWIW, DA is actally a bit easier to upgrade if you're on DA 2007 SP6, you can go straight to 9 SP4 to 10 SP2 (i.e skipping DA8).... where as EV (as has been mentioned countless times) is 2007 -> 8 -> 9 -> 10

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Also, you can use Server Settings migration wizard to go from EV 9 32-bit to EV 10 64-bit.  Save yourself a step.

Enterprise Vault Server Settings Migration wizard
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Thank you all for your help.

I don't have CA/DA so this is not an issue.

The only thing i'm still not sure about is the clients, is that a way to avoid the clients upgrade in each step and perform it only after i'll get to 10.0.2?


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HI Yaara,

That depends on if you need to be in a fully supported environment the whole time, or if you are willing to take the risk that there might be client issues.

Enterprise vault server officially supports client versions which are N+-1 from the server install. This includes all service packs, so any version of EV8 through to EV10 client will work with an EV9 server install, for instance.

You can leave an old client in place and upgrade it at a later date and almost certainly there are not going to be any issues if you are just using basic operations like search, retrieve item, etc. You will obviously NOT get any new functionality that the newer server versions support though.

If you try and upgrade a client to a version N+2 above the server version it will actually DISABLE ITSELF ENTIRELY. Not what you are after.

So yes, you could do the server upgrade and then do the client at the end, but I generally recommend doing an upgrade such as yours in stages anyway. There are big architectural changes in EV8 and again in EV10, and you are also throwing in an x64 upgrade, so at some point you are going to change machines or will have to rebuild the operating system.

So if you dont use offline vault, what you *might* do is upgrade the clients to EV8 and then upgrade the server to EV8 then EV9 x86. Have a pause while you get another box ready with x64 and in the meantime upgrade the clients to EV10. Finally, after a couple of weeks of confirmation everything is ok, do an x64 migration directly to 10 using the server state migration wizard (or do it EV9 then EV10 - your choice)

If you ARE using offline vault, then upgrade the server to EV8sp5 first and then upgrade the clients to EV9 sp4R1+hotfix, then build the new server and migrate manually to x64 (the process is the same as that for EV9, which is well documented). Then upgrade the server through to EV10. At this point you could leave the client on EV9, but you can certainly take your time over the final stage.

All this would leave you fully supported at all times. But as pointed out before, you will need to make sure your OS and SQL are ok through the supported upgrade chain.



Jeff Shotton

Principal Consultant

Adept-tec Ltd

Website: here

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Thank you Jeff for your answer, it is very helpful.